So you’ve got goals but do you have a buddy?

New year, new goals. But do you have someone in your corner helping you hit them?

As we slide through into 2019, I’m sure you’ve been doing some reflecting, and thinking, and planning. Got goals? Sure you have. Got a buddy to keep you accountable? Er.

Buddies who can help you be accountable often make the difference between hitting goals and missing goals.

My goals aren’t written yet. I’ve decided to work to Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever methodology this year and see what difference it makes.

Before that though, all I’ve been pondering is prettying up this site. And so it is that I’ve retired the old look, which I loved but which wasn’t flexible enough, and jumped over to something new.

So let me know what you think; I hope you dig it.

Before getting into goal-setting for this year, the Hyatt method asks you to reflect on what your goals were. I’ve been hunting for mine. Then I remembered that I didn’t set any – on purpose. What was I even thinking!

The holidays are great for reflection. I did some flicking through the articles, essays and posts I’ve published here over the past year. Fuck me, what a depressing lot of reading it was, don’t you think? I must have been really depressed last year and not even noticed.

Well, if you liked it, don’t get used to it. I’m over… whatever it was.

Stay tuned for a great year this year. Tomorrow promises to be super hot, so I’m going to use it for goal-setting and planning. As the year kicks on, I’ll share some of them with you. The work ones will be shared at The Next Five Years.

In the interim, I’d love to hear your goals for the year. Going back to the comment right at the beginning – if you want someone to help you be accountable, I’m ya gal.

Leave a comment with your goals and let me know if you want someone to poke you occasionally to keep you on track. 🙂

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