The words flow thick and fast

I wrote more than 1,000 words before breakfast, and now get to tease you with the next two excerpts from The Integration Project.
the integration project

On my birthday I took the day off and used it for my creative day. I had so much fun that I wrote 1,000 words before breakfast, before even pulling the Flash Fiction of the Month Club piece together, or doing anything else.

Except showering. I did that before I sat down to write. I’m not one of those people who can work in her pyjamas. Like, eewwww.

ANYWAY. Patrons got the next TWO excerpts from my book-in-progress, which is The Integration Project.

If you want a sneaky of the first part of the fun-and-games section of the book, and the first sex scene, pitch in $1 to unlock them.

The craziest thing about being a Patreon creator is that it forces you to do some things like lock some content down. Until I have built the plugin I want for WordPress – holler at me if you’re a programmer and keen to do something awesome for publishers – this is the only way to do it.

The Patreon platform is amazing but what it sucks at is discovery.

And this is why I have to tease you with the idea of technology that is grown and not built; of apparently lovely co-workers who are scheming to do other things; and of an Integrated who doesn’t know how dangerous her own ideas might be…

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