On the Nature of Now

The real nature of flow is of a stream that changes you; not a stream that you can change.

The material and non-material existence, the having and the yearning, they’re all the same thing. The suffering that they yield is the same: The suffering of not having the things you want and yearning for them, and being powerless because of things; or having things, and being trapped and wanting freedom but being powerless because of things.

The having and the not-having is the same in terms of how you exist. They simply have different types of energy.

When you are right in the Now, the flow occurs in you, around you, and for you.

Now is all there is. Now and now and now and now and now.

The reason why Now is so important is because what humans conceive as the ‘Flow’ is continuous.

Imagine it this way.

You’re standing in a stream. Your body is translucent, because it is the same material and energy-that-creates-worlds that is also the stream in which you’re standing.

If you stand in the one spot, then this imaginary flow comes from behind you, moves through you, moves past you. You are not the same person afterwards, just as a river is never the same river from moment to moment. It’s staying in the one spot and allowing the flow to move through you, changing you, in every second, split-second, conscious moment.

When you project yourself into times forward or backwards – future or past, you are moving against the flow of that energy, that stream. You begin fighting it by trying to direct the un-direct-able. Trying to shape the flow is impossible; all you can shape is where you are in relation to that flow.

When you view Now-ness as a transformational strea, then you can’t imagine yourself too far into the material nature of Human. When you accept the idea of an eternal Now, you accept your responsibility, which is to witness what is, but not be involved in what is. When you’re involved in what is, then you aren’t allowing the moments to flow naturally. When you are a witness, you experience what is and realise that it’s not what you’d like to experience it, so you change it. And, having changed it, resume your position in relation to the flow.

Your change occurs in the moments, decisions, and thoughts that you think. If you take action, then you and your ‘flow’ have both changed. And then the next moments, decisions, and thoughts that you think are different.

This is really how you influence your future. This is really what manifesting is. It isn’t a muscling of an improbable future; it’s witnessing, understanding, being inspired to take action, taking action, in a perpetual cycle.

Your power is in taking action on the things that feel right and not wrong to you; because the feeling that ‘this is right’ is harmony; and harmony is your natural state of being.

One of the things of which you must be aware is that when you’re a witness, you are not involved. When you are involved, you form an opinion that is fixed. When you have opinions that are fixed, they become beliefs. Beliefs allow you to be shaped by people and things around you on a physical plane, from news to social mores. When you’re a witness, you have the luxury of interrogation: Is this right, does this resonate, is this where I feel I am meant to be, how does this feel (etc).

If it’s not right, you shift yourself in relation to it, and, having shifted, resume your place in the stream of now.

You shift, and grow, and keep allowing the flow to pass through you.

In the passing, it changes you.

Then you are a different you.

Which, ultimately, means that the things around you that you are witnessing right now are completely and utterly malleable.

And you are not the same person right now that you were before you read this screed.