I found The Art of Postcard Writing in Dymocks!

Dymocks is my favourite Australian booktailer, so finding my book promoted by them made my goddamned day.
Cover of The Art of Postcard Writing

Ok, so I wasn’t in an actual store, but I posted this article on LinkedIn today and was hunting around for a link to The Art of Postcard Writing.

That book I wrote on a dare. Taking a friend back to the airport after she’d been in Adelaide for my wedding, she pulled out a fistful of postcards from her bag.

‘I hate this!’ she vented, scrawling madly. ‘Why don’t you write a book about how to do it. I dare you.’

I smiled. ‘Game on.’

By the time she was back in Berlin, the book was on Amazon. From drop-off to in-store purchase: 48 hours.

So that’s the hilarious story of this fun little volume, and I’ve never taken the sales of it seriously, which is why I nearly fell over when I saw it promoted by Dymocks!

Dymocks is my favourite bricks-and-mortar booktailer in Australia, so this made my day.

Then I wondered whether I’m getting the royalties from the sales.

In any case it’s an amazing Christmas present, and I had to share! 🙂

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