Announcing the first release from Sunrise Books

The first title from Sunrise Books is Demonic Possession is Viral: Infection of the Masses, by Gabriele Francis. Release date: 30 April 2020.
demonic possession is viral

The first release of my new publishing imprint, Sunrise Books, is titled Demonic Possession is Viral: Infection of the Masses. It’s by Gabriele Francis.

The book is due for release worldwide on 30 April 2020.

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Demonic Possession is Viral: Infection of the Masses, by Gabriele Francis

Cover of Demonic Possession is Viral, by Gabriele Francis.

Format: eBook, Kindle
Available date: 30 April 2020

About this book

Demonic Possession is often seen as a 1:1 event. But what if it was 1:Many? In this monograph exploring the nature of demonic possession in a time of social media, Gabriele Francis weaves in the dark arts of sigil magick, mind control, and propaganda, and proposes that possession can be spread intentionally.

This short monograph is a philosophical work on the nature of possession and control. In an age in which hysteria spreads like wildfire, and attitudes and beliefs are formed with little critical thought, this important writing adds another possibility: The mass possession of humanity by dark entities.

This work casts a new light on the possibilities of demonic possession, and raises new questions about what it might take to resolve it.

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