Flash Fiction of the Month Club is … on hiatus

I’ve made the tough decision to put the Club on hold.
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This is a short and sweet post to let you guys all know that I’ve decided to put the Flash Fiction of the Month Club on hold for now.

Given there is very little time left in the day between sleeping and sleeping, and given that most of my creative brain is being eaten up by thinking about pregnancy, birthing, and child-rearing (let alone work), this is just one more pain in my ass.

Effectively today I’ve cancelled everyone’s subscriptions, with a view to rebooting the Club in 2021.

This will at least give me the breathing space to focus on the creative work that moves my goals forwards. Which is something I desperately need right now, given the weird flux of my world.

Hopefully this won’t disappoint too many folks, but cross your fingers that life enables it to find new iife once my own new life is with us and in a routine. 🙂

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