The Great Podcast Consolidation

It’s finally happening – the great media consolidation of Leticia Mooney. Starting with podcasts. Eventually, this sparkling shambolic mess will make sense.

If you’ve ever wondered how not to run a personal brand or manage your publications, I am a very good case study.

In what is effectively a case of the chef eating baked beans at home, the electrician whose house is only half-wired-in, the carpenter with shitty cupboards, and the seamstress wearing cheap, mass-produced rubbish, yours truly has simply scattered fun to the wind instead of doing her publishing mindfully.

This is why so many folks are confused about what I actually do.

It seems that while everything makes sense to me, those on the outside who are privy to pieces of my activity here and there are constantly surprised that I have so many things going on. Last week I got some feedback from someone who thought that I actually run several companies, as opposed to just one and a bunch of fun projects. That was a real wake-up call for me, largely because I have never given it much serious attention. (Unlike what I coach others to do. Ahem.)

Part of this fun-scattering has been podcasting. Because I love it. I love it to distraction, and not just because I’m a great interviewer.

Over the years, the podcasts that I produce have simply… proliferated.

I’ve got a flash fiction podcast, a dance tips podcast, a work-related podcast. I’m sure there are, or have been, others.

But it’s time it all came to an end.

Side note: Isn’t it funny how it’s taken pregnancy to force my thinking into a clear, straight line?

Thus begins the Great Podcast Consolidation.

While I can’t share specifics of that with you yet, what I can share is that it’s going to see me divest myself of one podcast, wind down and rebrand two podcasts, and fundamentally shift the direction of all three.

The outcome is going to be something wildly different and much, much more interesting. For me, as well as for you.

The challenge in doing something like this, as opposed to shifting simple written material, is that there are many more parts to consider. There are all of the basics like brand and message; but there are also multiple platforms and accounts involved, which is really just an administrative nightmare. And finally, there is the question of where the final outcome will be hosted. I think it’s going to be here, if I can make it work. Having yet another website and domain will be gross, until I have reason for it to be kept separate. That reason is popularity, first and foremost.

Once the consolidation is complete, the payoff will be immense.

On the one hand, listeners will get a real sense of what fires me up while getting something immensely valuable in exchange. And on the other hand, it will totally eliminate the stress of juggling multiple projects badly.

My intention, as you will have guessed, is to bring all of my interests and outputs back into a singular column.

This personal brand of mine will make some real sense finally! It will take time and effort, but every journey begins with one tiny step.

Until it’s done, my media empire will remain a sparkling shambolic mess – so, my apologies. It’s not going to be this way for very much longer.

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