Have you been through a turning point? (Call for people to tell their stories)

Turning Points is a new ghostwriting project that needs regular folk who’ve been through a turning point. Maybe that’s you?

This is an announcement about a new project – Turning Points – that is looking for collaborators. Maybe it’s you?


As I claw my way back to the desk, drained of energy (having given 99% of it to my my little man), and determined to pick up a pen again, I decided to launch a new project. And I want you or someone you know to participate.

That project is called Turning Points.

It is a folio of ghostwritten short stories.

The idea was suggested to me by a friend, and is really designed to boost my ghostwriting folio. For about 20 years I’ve been ghostwriting for professionals, but I want to take it in another direction: Into memoir. Hence, this project.

Here’s the deal:

  1. I define “turning point” is a significant moment that shifted the way that someone lives, works, loves, thinks, or experiences the world.
  2. The shorts are part of a new folio for me, which I intend to use for developing more business in long-form ghostwriting (i.e. memoir/biography work) for authors (people like you, darling reader!), agents, and publishers.
  3. My intention is to strike a licensing deal with participants, such that I can use the work for developing my business, but they can use it to develop their own profiles if they wish (i.e. for work/speaking/growth), or simply to keep and use as a memento.
  4. It’s free to participate.
  5. It will involve one or more deep-dive audio interviews with the subject (most likely via phone, Signal, Telegram or – if necessary – Zoom), and potentially close friends/family/colleagues, depending on the nature of the turning point.
  6. They’ll be written in your voice, from your perspective, as a short story. (Thus the beauty of a ghostwriter).
  7. I’d like to achieve 7+ at this stage, but in an ideal world I’d end up with 20+ of them.
  8. Every story is valid and eligible provided it includes a turning point as defined above. (Loads of people think their stories are not “interesting” enough. Pfft to that!)

I’m opening conversations with people in August/September 2021.

Any referrals you can send my way would be amazing! And if you would like to join in, let me know whether:

(a) you’d like more information

(b) you’d like to discuss terms, or

(c) whether you’d just like to book in and get cracking. 🙂

And, soon, things around here will go back to some kind of normal… I’ve got a bunch of reviews to include, and more essays to publish. One day, I’ll work out how to write and parent at the same time! LOL

Anyway – to join in the Turning Points project (or suggest someone to contact), please do contact me today.


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