‘Biodagar’ bites the dust

‘Biodagar’ takes a dirt nap after more than 20 years in service. Here’s to a new phase in life (and online). Keep reading…

‘Biodagar’ has hit the dust, in one of a number of momentous changes to my (virtual?) life, and digital assets.

The username is one that I’ve had for more than 20 years, after I fell in love with the Icelandic film Biodagar (movie days).

Here’s what happens, though, when you decide to use a username rather than your own name for your significant digital assets:

They proliferate.

Over time, some of them no longer fit. You find yourself wondering whether or not to change them. You um and ah over it. And it’s not until you have a really damned good reason to do something about it that you discover that this boulder was actually a pebble. It’s easier to do than you imagined, for all those years.

Thus it is that this site has been renamed to my own name.

It’s also the case that my company is being rebranded to my own name, and that site is being consolidated back to this one, too.

With one fell stroke of her pen, three digital assets became one.

This has immense benefits in terms of administrivia; but it’s also enormously environmentally beneficial. The more digital assets you have, the more energy you require, the more rare earth minerals you require, and the more effort Mother Earth takes to support you. While this consolidation hasn’t quite stretched to the deliberate archiving off-line of everything within this particular site’s database, that’s something that I will do in future. Once I’ve done that, I’ll pare this beastie right back.

For now, though, it feels good!

The shifts to my business aren’t all in place yet, but they’re coming up over the hill fairly quickly. I’m ditching all of the services and rebuilding from scratch, intentionally. You can see some of that rebuilding here, if you’re curious.

In the meantime, watch this space. Fewer assets mean focused output into a single place. This one.

xx Leticia

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