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Got questions about the Tarot readings I offer? There’s a good chance it’s been asked before. And if it has, then it appears here.

This post is a living post. It was last updated on 9 July 2022.

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Questions and Answers

What follows are questions I’ve been asked, and my responses.

Do you offer readings that show me a 7-year trajectory?

Some people who have contacted me have mentioned that past tarot readers have cards designating a year in the coming seven years.

Timelines in Tarot are not as simple as having a card in a location that says, ‘in two years’ time you’ll experience XYX’. There are cards that indicate timeframes, yes. There are card combinations that can give precise dates, yes.

Will you get them? That’s up to Tarot, not me.

The best way to think about this is in terms of possession. For a brief period of time, I will be possessed by you. The cards are a language that Tarot uses to tell me about you. As your reader, I am trained to understand that language, so I can translate it for you.

The maps I use will ascertain where you are right now and what’s coming up for you. As for when? That depends on the cards. We’re not looking at a clock-face.

You can ask about timelines in a question, but note that your question must be very specific if you’re going to get a satisfying response.

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