Corporate Numerology: Review from Intertek SAI Global

Corporate Numerology is a team development tool, developed by Leticia Mooney. While it can be compared with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and DiSC, this tool far surpasses both in terms of both relevance and application, chiefly because it’s objective (where MBTI and DiSC are both self-reported).

A Corporate Numerology report gives you:

  1. An 8-page report per individual
  2. A team insights report
  3. Comprehensive instructions for application and use.

Here is a review from Intertek SAI Global.

Intertek SAI Global’s Experience of Leticia’s Corporate Numerology offer

Corporate Numerology for SAI GLobal. This is the SAI Global logo.

“Leticia’s corporate numerology reading for our team was amazing. For us we are a relatively new team working together. The ‘Insights into your team report’ was extremely interesting and very confirming of how some of us already see each other in a work sense. This really helped process different actions and personalities between coworkers. It has encouraged an objective view and facilitated further understanding into ways of best working together. 

“My personal report was very relevant and aligned to myself and my lifestyle. I could see tangible experiences and evidence from every section. The thing I loved most about the numerology report was being able to dive deeper into things I already knew about myself and cross reference it with those that I didn’t already know/perceive. Leticia provides a comprehensive, articulate report that allows you explore so much about yourself and will surely encourage you to share with those around you. It’s beneficial for personal and professional growth, and most importantly to provide confidence and grounding through the explanation of your numbers and characteristics.

“I would highly recommend Leticia and her numerology readings for your team, it’s a great way for different personalities to connect and understand each other. It will also help to confirm the strengths and weaknesses across the team which are so effective for planning and resourcing.

“Thanks for this I would recommend to anyone who’s interested in this type of thing especially in team development.”

Rachel McGann, Intertek SAI Global Australia

How much is it?

This corporate service is priced at $250 per head. Contact Leticia for whole-corporation pricing and prices for teams of 50+.

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