Why you shouldn’t worry about A.I. (artificial intelligence)

Artificial intelligence is the latest crazy hype, terrifying creatives all over the western world. If that’s you, you’re thinking about it wrongly. This is my attempt to give you back your spirit.

Artificial intelligence vs creativity

Your creativity will never be threatened by artificial intelligence (AI). Your creations are energy-filled, soulful, divine works. In contrast, AI manufactures soulless remixes that fit some developer’s idea of a perfect world.

Smart creatives will leverage AI to make corporate cash, it’s true. The entrepreneurs out there have been doing it a long time already (I’m talking 6+ years).

But the outcome? An explosion of human creativity and art outside of the construct, because that’s what we DO. That’s the heart of an artist. Why else do you imagine we’re being programmed to believe otherwise? No, that’s no coincidence. Art gives hope, shows us a way through. Without creativity, we simply remix the past forever.

Watch my pep-talk on this to understand why.

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