Women are liminal. (Or, why the prophets were all men.)

Women are liminal creatures, which is why – in mainstream religions – the prophets were all men. Women have no need for faith, because they are Life itself.

Women are liminal creatures, which is why – in mainstream religions – the prophets were all men. Women have no need for (bureaucratic) faith, because they are Life itself.

First, let’s get on the same page. Where does the idea of liminal women come from?

As a life reader, one of the things that I have regularly encountered is a conflict in spirit between the ‘New Age’ world and the ‘Religious’ world. It is a conflict that is actively propagated on both sides of the equation.

On the religion side, it’s fairly obvious as to why this might be the case. Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live, etc. It’s often (not always, but often) the case that anyone with a direct connection to the divine is discouraged, so that the hierarchy of the bureaucracy can be preserved. It makes sense, in the greater scheme of things, and yet it can cause enormous angst.

On the New Age side, in which most people are seekers and never content, religion is viewed (also fairly obviously) as a cult or trapped dogma. It’s trained out by toxic people as something to avoid and to view with suspicion. This is almost entirely as a result of a religion’s bureaucracy, and not necessarily because of its teachings.

You could argue, for example, that Islam always creates oppression and suffering. But if you read the Holy Qu’ran, you’ll understand that its teachings are that oppression is a state worse than murder. Therefore, from whence does the oppression come? From states and bureaucracies that purport to embody the teachings.

You could also argue, for example, that Christianity applauds torture because its primary iconography is of a man nailed to a cross. But if you read the Holy Bible – more, if you cross-reference the Bible with the Qu’ran! – you’ll understand in depth about the bureaucracy behind the book. The Christians believe that Jesus was killed. The Muslims believe that he lived, though, that Christians have it wrong, because God wouldn’t kill a holy person.

So wherever you sit in relation to a ‘religion’, it’s likely that you’re not seeing things as they are.

In my particular case, I had recently been called to pray the rosary. And not just called, but strongly called. To the point where I couldn’t ignore it. I had to find a way to get my hands on a rosary. I didn’t understand it, I just did it.

Soon after, I ‘stumbled on’ a book titled The Way of the Rose, which was about a Buddhist who felt called to say the rosary. Seeing the similarities in my path and this guy’s path, I forked out a huge amount of money for the book and devoured it. It taught me a lot about the history of the rosary, and chiefly that it was never a Church-given thing to begin with. Prayer beads have a deep history. They’re in every religion. And the rosary in particular was always a bit of a stealthy F You to the Church. It became sanctioned because the masses used it.

Along the way, I began to ask questions of this thing I was doing every day. I took issue with some of the prayers. I don’t believe that Jesus is God, because he was just a man. If he is just a man, then how can Mary be God’s mother (even though she is also a representative of every God’s Mother in every pantheon and folk story ever: Ishtar, Pachamama, Anu, the Triple Goddess, just to name a few)?

My ongoing conversation with Mary is interesting but I’m not going to let it derail this post. So if you want me to write about this ongoing exploration, drop me a note and let me know.

One thing led to another, and eventually I began to ask why had the archangel Gabriel appeared only to three men in history, when every ritual working witch calls in Gabriel as a protector?

I sat in ritual and asked, directly.

After discussing matters with a good friend, I decided to ask. Who do you ask about such matters? In my case, I sat in meditation ritual and I asked directly. I asked the question about why three men, and only three men in all of recorded Abrahamic religions, were guided by Gabriel and given the sacred texts.

What I learned was something fairly expected: That they were given the story because they were purely holy people. They knew they were here for one reason, which was to share with the world how they were connected with God, and to encourage others to see the world the same way.

Ok, fair enough. But where were the women?

Women aren’t prophets, because they don’t need to be. Meaning: They are liminal creatures, existing on the boundaries of two worlds.

I was told in session that women are liminal: They are Life itself.

The exact phrasing was this:

… The men were pure and holy in every regard: They lived in love, connected to the All, understanding that they were here but for one thing: To help others see life as he did.

Women have always had this knowledge, for they are but life itself – as you already felt when you became the gateway to another life yourself. (…) Women have need for faith only when they have Forgotten. In this realm, the Forgetting is stronger than the Remembering.


Women already have this knowledge.

When I was pregnant, I had the phenomenal experience of understanding that the trees and I were the same. I instinctively knew the names of every plant I walked past. I had a sense of absolute and total comfort and love, in every moment of every day. Time was irrelevant.

And I’m not alone. I spoke to many women who expressed the same thing but in various ways. One friend told me that she experienced a feeling of been a goddess of the trees, an expansive, incredible feeling of being All Life.

If you had this experience too, email me and tell me your story. I’d love to add your story here to expand the Remembering.

Women are liminal because they are life itself, and God is Life.

Women are naturally liminal creatures. The information I received when I asked was also that the core of each of the scriptures is great. That there is no need for bureaucracy for each man is self-responsible and each women, when fertile, open to God.

The key is being open to God. However you construe your God. I’ll write more about that sometime soon.

When you understand the key message in any of the scriptures, you always come back to the same thing. That love is key; that forgiveness is important; that you must trust your own heart. When you are in this state, you realise that God is in everything for everything is One and separation is an illusion. Therefore, God is undeniable, because God is life itself.

That’s not to say that women are God. It is to say that women are naturally closer to God because only women who grow other lives can understand the nature of life from the inside.

xx Leticia

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