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Howdy {name}, thanks for opening this to have a read.


If you follow me online anywhere, you'll have been seeing something about a book titled Liminal Woman, which I'm plastering everywhere. This is the title of my newest book, which is a poetry collection.


Poetry seemed like a weird thing for me, until I began to interrogate why it started to emerge. See, like many writers, poetry is where I started. That may be because, as Pooh once said, 'you can't really think poetry'.


As I worked through the re-emergence of my inner artist, poetry just... exploded. Somehow, when you're deeply connected to the Muse, she sings.


Reading back through my own pieces as I (re)prepared the manuscript for release, some of them took my breath away. I shared a few. One person told me that one poem reminded him of the first time he held his first son in his hands. That feeling of infinite expansion; a love that knows of no boundaries. It's truly infinite, almost indescribable.


Liminal Woman is about the journey from Maiden to Mother. Some argue that the entire idea of maiden-to-mother is too linear. I disagree with them. It seems linear, true. But only if you have never had the experience.


My experience of the transformational nature of matrescence was one of stumbling blind down a path I couldn't see, in a dark forest I'd never before visited, encountering things that other women knew about but had never discussed. I went through most of the stages of grief during the process. It makes sense: One life is dying as the other emerges, and it doesn't matter how much support you have! Only you can weather that storm.


This is why I'm firmly of the belief that birthing a child isn't just birthing one person. It's a process of birthing two. You are one of them. You change so dramatically in the process of becoming a mother; and that process can last for a couple of years. It's so much more than priorities changing. It's like you have new eyes, a new heart, a new soul.


Re-reading the poetry inside the book also yielded unexpected gifts. I recalled Beren's first walks in the world on his own feet. I recalled him climbing on me and kissing me awake in the middle of the night. I recalled the sheer turmoil of all of my relationships as I became this different person. Truly, I stared down divorce during the process. It was utterly shattering, and I often wonder if it would have been easier at 20 rather than 40.


This edition of The Letter is really about Liminal Woman. It's about creativity, art, artistry, motherhood. 


And it's about Launch Week!


Liminal Woman releases in all formats (except audio; that's yet to come) on 1 September 2023.


You can get the book for free if you wait to get the discount code from me on launch day. Otherwise, the launch promo price is $4.99. Call it a gift from me to say thanks for staying the course with me. That discount coupon will come in a separate email. :)


So, what's next?


In terms of art, I'm putting together a second work of poetry provisionally titled Ocean Elements. But I suspect that, like Liminal Woman, its eventual name won't be the one with which it's born.


I'm also creating a self-directed program that brings together the best of my business, art recovery, state-of-mind, and coaching experience. I am ridiculously excited about it - but more on that later.


Oh. And check out the recipe this month. It combines chicken, cornflakes, and an Airfryer. It'll change your life.


xx Leticia

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  3. Recipe: Breakfast nuggets
  4. What does it mean to be creative, really?
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A sample from Liminal Woman
Cover art for Liminal Woman

Are you afraid of the dark?

Whisper, oh dark, dark.
Concealer of known and unknown
Feeling lost
Trapped in this unenlightened place
That shows us who we are.

That reflects
And fills
Every orifice with a
Pressure unbearable.

Enables us.
It makes our feet itch to travel
Moving somewhere,
Away from here until we find the light.

Feels like emptiness.
A pathless unknown,
Forcing our knowledge out and
Away from us,
Hiding, like the feet we trust to
Carry us.

Darkness is
In it we nurture our selves
Come to find our roots
Trust the gentle winds that
Toss us to and fro.

Dawn breaks.
We feel it before we see,
Hear the subtle shifts in
Birdsong, paint
Colourful boundaries around
Our worlds until

Suddenly, turning,
The light blinds us.

How is this any different
the Dark?

HUGE thanks to...

Sonja Newton

Sonja was my doula, and she was with me from when I was 7 weeks pregnant until I was about 12 weeks postpartum! She is doing incredible work supporting positive births - including rounding up women to contribute to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Birth Trauma. Sonja is a gift from Heaven: Thanks for everything you do, my lovely! x

♥ Follow her Instagram here.

Recipe: Breakfast nuggets

You'll never look at cornflakes the same way again.



  • Chicken breast
  • Your favourite oil (rice bran works... avoid seed oils, they're toxic!)
  • Cornflakes
  • Onion powder, garlic powder, cinnamon


Cut the chicken into small cubes.

Crush the cornflakes in a bowl. Use a mug to do it - it's super easy to roll over them that way.

Sprinkle onion powder and spices into your cornflakes. Mix it through.

Pour a liberal amount of oil into your cornflakes. Mix it through until they're all wet and sticky.

Toss the chicken pieces in the cornflake mix.

Cook in an airfryer at 180 for 10 minutes.

Guaranteed to make your breakfast last you until lunchtime. :)

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Quality action teams pocket guide: Systems for Great Business

The Quality Action Teams Pocket Guide is a tiny little book. It’s so tiny that you can completely ignore it, as I did for about a decade. Yet the Guide is about the most useful little thing you could wish to have.

What’s in the Quality Action Teams Pocket Guide

The Quality Action Teams Pocket Guide includes a deck of tools that support the FADE cycle. The FADE cycle goes like this:

  1. Focus
  2. Analyse
  3. Develop
  4. Execute

Modern parlance sort of replaces this with the PDCA cycle, which is

  1. Plan
  2. Do
  3. Check
  4. Act.

However, FADE is a little more specific because it walks you through defining your problem, analysing your data, developing a solution, and then implementing and monitoring the plan. In contrast, PDCA skips the definition and analysis portions and jumps right to the plan.

In other words, if you can’t focus and analyse, any planning you do will be worthless.

This is why the Guide is so useful.

The Quality Action Toolkit is actually a series of commonly used methods and documents that drive improvement in your business. It includes brainstorming, checklists, pareto analysis, force-field analysis, selection grids, standard operating procedures, etc.

Why you need this little book

We’ve all ‘done a brainstorm’. We have all used ‘checklists’. Some of us know of impact transfer. Few freelancers (especially) ever go to standard operating procedures. These are all things that creatives tend to encounter inside other businesses. So why are you not using them yourself?

That’s not an idle question. If other businesses use them, how are they are useful to you?

Keep reading >>


Subscriber Question

Text your question about business, consulting, creativity, or life readings to me on (+61) 0421 925 382, and I'll answer it in the next edition. If you're not in Australia, you'll find me on Signal.




'What voice recorder do you use?' - Amanda.


My voice recorder is a Sony ICDPX440. It is incredible; I have recorded radio-quality interviews in busy, noisy cafes with this little thing. It will record pristine quality when hidden in a pocket 2+ metres from a speaker (sans microphone) at an event.

It's a bit old-school. It is powered by batteries. It has a slide-out USB connector. It uses SD cards for storage.

And it's the most amazing thing I've ever bought.


I use it for interviews, podcast interviews, audio content recording, voice notes, and these days recording my little guy chattering or singing. :)


I found this device after looking for the audio recorder most recommended by journalists. Mine is now about 10 years old (give or take). So you may not find it but if you can't, then look for whichever model came afterwards.


Ask me sometime about the usefulness of SD cards. They make for incredible storage.


New Program for Families
I'm currently building out two programs. One of them is Negotiation for Expecting Families. It will be $20 and I'm taking expressions of interest NOW. It'll change your entire approach to pregnancy and birthing.

Art Life
On my desk right now are two manuscripts: One is a book I wrote in my 20s. One is a screenplay. Both are about to face being rewritten. 

Coaching & Consulting Opportunities
In coaching news, am looking for someone who wants to experience my new program and can pay $300 per month for 6 months and who is willing to provide testimonials and focused feedback. The total investment is $1800. It takes you through everything from finance to artistic recovery and customer love programs. If you (or someone you know) might be interested, contact me ASAP to discover what is involved. There's no obligation to take part and I'm not interested in pursuing a hard sell on you. Ha!

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The prize this month is a signed copy of my new book.


1. How much is the new negotiation course?

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Reply now with your responses. Get your entry in before 31 August 2023.

Referral Program

When you refer to me someone who becomes a paying client, I am enormously grateful.


So much so that I pay you.


Here's how it works:

  • You don't need to be a client to gain the benefit
  • You get a gift card for all sales up to $5,000
  • You get 15% of the sale value, over $5,001 in cash or precious metals (your choice).

For example:
If you were to refer a company to me for a consulting contract valued at $20,000, you have the potential to pocket $3,000.

If you are already a coaching client then you get 15% off your next invoice for every new client you refer. And yep, you get it when they renew their contracts, too.

It's my gift to you. All you have to do is send a warm introduction, and I'll do the rest.

x Leticia

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