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Happy Sunday!

If you're attempting to put in place a Quality Management System but you're finding that commitment is lacking, here's a tip:

Use every means at your disposal to encourage it.

This can include:

* Getting support of management

* Using data to convince people

* Demonstrating benefits of the proposed change

* Having people monitor *themselves* so that they'll see how much better they're doing.

Without commitment, your solution will never become a reality. 

The time you put into securing the necessary commitment is never wasted.

This is one reason why I never work with any organisation on a management consulting project if they are not willing to be partners.

Partnership means skin in the game.

Partnership means *the organisation* does the work.

It's not my business. I'm not an employee. I have a consultation to complete and I'm getting outta there. 

That means that you have to be committed from the moment you decide to begin. Otherwise, you're wasting your money.

^^ Some of this comes from a fabulous little book that is out of print, titled Quality Action Teams Pocket Guide. Please share it with someone you think might need it.

xx Leticia


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