The Pixie has been rebranded. Details below

You are here because you attempted to access a page at Brutal Pixie, which used to be at That site has been decommissioned.

I renamed the Brutal Pixie Pty Ltd company to Leticia Mooney Pty Ltd in May 2022.

The company’s Pixie brand is gone. As part of the re-imagining of the company, I decided to remove the website and the content that it contained.

SERVICES >> please click here for my new suite of services and consulting.

Many of the digital assets created under the Pixie branding are still available. You will find them at this location. They include:

The Content Asset Valuation Package is still available too. I’ll send you that personally, so please send me an email if you’re looking for that.

In the meantime, take one last look at the Pixie before she’s gone:

brutal pixie logo
the old logo… gone.


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