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Who is Leticia Mooney?

Leticia Mooney is an Australian author whose works focus on the complications of lives, of place-making, place-taking, and place-being. She works in a multiplicity of form, from essays to poetry. Discover more about her here.

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Ultimatum is a six-part podcast written and narrated by Australian author Leticia Mooney. This short and sharp narrative throws new light on what has become the story of our modern Ned Kelly. In this devastating retelling, the truth of the media’s role in Australian cultural life is questioned and with it everything we know to be true.

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Leticia offers a range of services for individuals, professional writers, academics and businesses. Discover how she can help you.


Music Journalism 101

Music Journalism 101 was originally a course. It became the first book on the mechanics of rock journalism. Read more…


Leticia's blog

Leticia blogs about everything from business to the writing life; from books to philosophy; from music to rain. Reader beware: You might lose a day reading. Want to try?


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