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Who is Leticia Mooney?

Leticia Mooney is an Australian author whose works focus on the complications of lives, of place-making, place-taking, and place-being. She works in a multiplicity of form, from essays to poetry. Discover more about her here.

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NEW! Artist in Recovery

Artist in Recovery is Leticia’s first poetry collection. Published by Lionstower/Mount Books in November 2022, it’s now available worldwide.

As I reconnected with my inner artist, this work of poetry emerged. It explores the dark, scary, solitary transformation of Maiden to Mother. That transformation is one you traverse blind, one whose process is known by every other mother but one of which nothing is spoken. It is one that is filled with love, loneliness, and learning.

Ultimately, I wrote this poetry for you. Women, all women, are divine creatures. They are portals to new lives and, thus, new worlds. They are all artists. Their default mode is “creator”. I realised that I could only know this now because of a specific rite of passage: Motherhood.

May this work shine a new light for you on one of the most powerful moments in women’s lives, and may it encourage you to reconnect with your inner artist too.

Leticia Mooney, about Artist in Recovery

Artist in Recovery is now available on Amazon. Other stores to follow.

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