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Leticia Mooney is an Australian author, compliance consultant, and coach for entrepreneurial creatives. (She’s also a life reader on the side; true story.) Leticia’s works grapple with notions of ‘place’, and her mission is to kindle a light in everyone who reads her work. Leticia works in a multiplicity of form, from essays to poetry and from courses to scripts.

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new course:
Negotiation for Expectant Families
1 July 2024

Why would you learn to negotiate when you’re pregnant? Isn’t that the most distant time and place for you to be doing something so… businessy? Well. Let me tell you a story.

When I was pregnant, I mistrusted the medical profession enough to approach everything with skepticism. I didn’t like procedures. I didn’t see the point of drinking genetically modified sugar drinks, when I never consumed sugar. I didn’t see how all these scans and pokes and prods were helpful for me or my baby. My doula was fantastic with help and advice. She taught me to research every little thing ahead of every appointment.

Me, being me, took it a step further. I researched every single thing. I made notes. I audio recorded consultations with Registrars and doctors. I asked a thousand questions.

I never made a decision on the spot about anything except for the very last one.

I soon gained a reputation.

Every time I had an appointment somewhere, the doctors warned each other to do their homework before I turned up. The senior consultants, towards the end of my pregnancy, would arrive at my appointments laden with sheafs of paper, so that they could answer my million questions.

I made them work. I made them ‘fess up to things they didn’t know. I treated them as sparring partners, as worthy opponents, as if we were already a team trying to get to the right outcome.

And you know what I found?

I discovered is that my decisions were accepted.

I discovered that these people who ‘know best’ treated me respectfully, like a peer.

I discovered that they valued being approached with questions, and that they loved being able to demonstrate their knowledge. When they didn’t have the information I asked for, they went to find it, and they loved being able to level up.

The result is that the birth we had was the most amazing birth we could possibly have had. It didn’t all go the way we wanted. (We had a homebirth planned, but kiddo was a footling breach and ended up coming out the ‘sunroof’. We ended up on an emergency surgery list!) But it was as perfect as it could have been, and I have no regrets.

I want YOU to have the same feeling about your birth, however it ends up.

That’s why I have created this course, Negotiation for Expectant Families.

Pregnant women are often told that great births come from being empowered. Let me tell you: Empowered birthing begins with empowered choices. And empowered choices start with negotiation skills.

Almost every procedure, scan, appointment that you are told is essential during your pregnancy is not actually essential. It is an offer. And when you know this, you can really push your providers to the line of true informed consent.

But how do you decline? How do you get to the point where you can confidently stand up to “experts” who pressure you to do X, Y, or Z?

You learn the skills that are collectively known as ‘negotiation’.

This self-paced course will give you the knowledge, skills and tools to use throughout your pregnancy that enable you to make real, fully informed choices. It is when you are choosing that you become the driver of your destiny, and the creator of the birth that you love to remember (and not the one that makes you cry).

This course is scheduled for release on 1 July 2024. It will be a piffling $20, and you get access for life.

Express your interest in this course by contacting me here.

And if you’re a birth worker, like a midwife or a doula? I can help you gift this course to your clients. Send me a message to find out how.

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Progress is the key to manifesting your dreams.
xx Leticia

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Latest Book: Liminal Woman

Liminal Woman is Leticia’s first collection of poetry. Get your copy here.

As I reconnected with my inner artist, this work of poetry emerged. It explores the dark, scary, solitary transformation of Maiden to Mother. That transformation is one you traverse blind, one whose process is known by every other mother but one of which nothing is spoken. It is one that is filled with love, loneliness, and learning.

Ultimately, I wrote this poetry for you. Women, all women, are divine creatures. They are portals to new lives and, thus, new worlds. They are all artists. Their default mode is “creator”. I realised that I could only know this now because of a specific rite of passage: Motherhood.

May this work shine a new light for you on one of the most powerful moments in women’s lives, and may it encourage you to reconnect with your inner artist too.

Leticia Mooney, about Liminal Woman

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