Issue 1 of The Quarterly Correspondence
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from Leticia Mooney

G'day {name}


I just finished writing The Great, Untouchable Weapon, which is issue 01 of The Quarterly Correspondence.


It's shipping next week and I wanted you to know that you can get this first issue for free because you're already a subscriber to my newsletter. 


You, plus one friend, can get it for free.


All you have to cover is the postage. 


Here's how to get your copy:


Hit reply to tell me where (city/country) you and your mate live. I'll tell you how much the postage is and sort you out with payment info if you're happy to pay it.


Once you pay your postage fee, this essay will wing its way to your real life letterbox.


The Great Untouchable Weapon will not be available online. So if you want to read it, this is the only way to get your hands on it.


Here's a tease:


'This form of weaponry is so advanced and exclusionary that the average citizen has no hope of disrupting it in order to achieve its own sovereignty. This is the most dangerous weapon devised, for there is no way for a regular citizen to disrupt it. It is not possible for it to be replicated, attacked, pulled down, or put out of action. Revolution, real revolution, the type of revolution that creates new waves of human existence, is no longer possible.'


In summary:

  • issue one has just been written
  • you get a free copy for you and a friend
  • all you pay is postage
  • you can't get this any other way.

Want a copy?

xx Leticia

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