Is a tarot reading compatible with a belief in God?

A question I’ve been pondering lately is whether a tarot reading is compatible with a belief in God. Here are my thoughts about that.

Yes. Absolutely, yes it is. Here’s why:

Even those who profess not to have any belief in god still talk about the Great Creator, or a Mother Goddess, or an Earth spirit who created all life and all things and permeates all things. My tarot teacher (who shall remain nameless for personal reasons) taught that tarot believes religion is a cult. We could debate that; but regardless, religion is not the same thing as God.

God, not Jesus but God, is The Great Creator. This God is what modern atheist people refer to as “the universe” (in my view, God is not the universe, but that’s another discussion) or “energy”. It is the same as Kamadhenu, who in Hindu mythology is Mother of all Gods; as Anu, who in Celtic mythology is Mother of all Gods. S/he is the Great Creator. The “God” of Gods is nearly always a hard-to-find, ‘forgotten’ God in mythology, because the Great Creator God is not generally personified. The closest you’ll find in religious texts is in Hinduism, which is really a form of mysticism and instructs that each of us is Divine.

A belief in God is the same as understanding Hermetic Laws, too. Everything is Mental, even The All, is the first Hermetic Law. If you read the Bible, you’ll see this repeatedly throughout the Old Testament; it’s in several Books, including Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. You find it in verses that talk about everything that was is everything that is: Which is the same thing as understanding that visualisation comes before material matter.

So how does this apply to your tarot reading?

It doesn’t.

Or rather, it is neither here nor there.

The Bible exhorts you not to consort with sorceresses especially in the Old Testament, but tarot is not sorcery. The Bible also warns you away from Divination; but this is truly about warning you away from not listening to your God voice in favour of the voice of a divinor. What Christians refer to as ‘Grace’ is what I refer to as your ‘God voice’.

Tarot may well collapse the quantum wave and cause events to occur. But a reading is also a moment of reading a singular position in time. It does not interfere with free will. It is not dictatorial. It is not something that will override the voice of God, which is that whisper, that instinct, that nudge inside you. If you make decisions based on a tarot reading – especially one that warns of injury, for example – and you do so in order to avoid that injury, then you alter the pathway of events.

For example, if you are warned of an imminent speeding fine, and you make a decision to become a conscientious, law-abiding driver from then onwards, what is the chance of you getting a speeding fine that is correct? Very low, isn’t it?

If you are warned of a car accident on a self-driving holiday that you’ve just started to plan, and you make a decision to change your holiday plans (such as, you decide to go sit in a resort rather than drive yourself across Indonesia), then you’ve altered the pathway of potential events in a positive way.

What you must not do, though, is rely on a tarot reading in such close belief that you fail to listen to your God. THAT is where you’ll run into trouble. For your inner God voice is the Great Creator whispering to you, and creating your life.

Therefore, if you have a belief in God, you can still have your tarot read.

It just requires you to remember that:

1 – Everything is mental, even the All

2 – What is, is what has been (so, dwelling becomes an act of creation).

If you’re the kind to take a tarot reading as gospel, and you believe in your God, then just don’t have your tarot read.

If you’re the type to dwell on what you’re told as if it’s unavoidable, don’t have your tarot read.

But if your faith in God is strong, and you have wisdom and understanding, there is no reason for you to avoid tarot.

You’re welcome to have a conversation with me about this before you book your reading.

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