Books by Leticia Mooney

Books by Leticia Mooney are listed below. Note that Leticia Mooney also writes as Leticia Supple and Gabriele Francis. You can find them at all good bookstores (as well as Amazon and Kobo). And if you can’t find it, ask your favorite store to get it for you!


Music Journalism 101 – non-fiction, reference

This book gives to new and established writers a reference for handling the mechanics of rock journalism. I was frustrated by editing and dealing with writers who were fans first and writers second. This work was my attempt at giving those who ‘fall into’ music journalism (which is most of us!) some real knowledge about critique, and real work methods that work. It also gives editors some guidelines as to handling the insane workload without compromising their publication’s integrity. The workload really IS insane in music!

Published independently, 2013.


Cover of The Art of Postcard Writing

The Art of Postcard writing – non-fiction, reference

Not many books are written because someone offers you a dare. This one was! When driving a friend back to the airport so she could go home to Germany after my wedding, she’d pulled a fistful of postcards out of her bag. Scribbling madly, she commented: ‘I hate this. I dare you to write a book about how to do it better’. I caught her eye and replied, ‘Game on’. This book was on Amazon before she got back to Berlin.

Published independently, 2013.


Brilliant Blawgs: A playbook for creating and maintaining strategic blogs that clients & prospects love – non-fiction, reference

After years of creating and maintaining effective blogs for people, and teaching small law firms how to do it themselves!, I wrote this. It is a complete guide, which contains every droplet of my secret sauce. If you want to smash it in law blogging, this is for you.

Published independently, 2017.


The Ultimate Guide to Project Management for Creatives – non-fiction, reference

As the owner of a ‘creative business’ (i.e. a professional writer), the one thing that tripped me up for years and years was project management. I studied it, I ran experiments, I did everything I could to unlock its magic. And then, bam!, I did. So I put everything about what worked well (and why) into a book. If you’re a creative, buy it and bask in your own glory.

Published independently, 2019.


Demonic Possession is Viral: Infection of the masses – nonfiction

This was the first culmination of my studies of mind control, the CIA’s MK programs, social media, and social behaviour. It presents the argument that one no longer needs physical trauma in order to embed programmed belief and behaviours, and examines the possibility that demonic possession can be ‘distributed’ in the same way. It is a sharp and impactful monograph.

Published independently, 2020.



Ultimatum – non-fiction, history/media

Yeah ok, it probably shouldn’t be listed with books. It’s a podcast. But it could totally be a book! (And might one day, yet.) Ultimatum tells the dark story of an attempt to bribe Victoria’s premier, Henry Bolte, by the Chief Editor at The Age (Graham Perkin). The year was 1967, and the issue at the heart of the matter was Australia’s last-hanged man, Ronald Ryan.

Published independently, 2021. Listen here.


books by Leticia Mooney - scheduling

Business by the Moon: The scheduling method that grows your business and your wellness at the same time – non-fiction, reference

This was my first foray into the mystical side of business, after I stumbled into the power and brilliance of aligning work schedules with natural cycles. I wrote this to share my method with others, because I could see people failing to rest and work by works. They were working all the time and burning out. Nature has a way, and we can re-learn it. This book gives you everything you need to know, and all the tools, and nothing more.

Published independently, 2022.


Liminal Woman front cover

Liminal Woman – poetry

This broke the run of pure non-fiction books. It was my coming to grips with motherhood, with the lies I’d swallowed my entire life about what made a fulfilling life for a woman, and with my emerging divine feminine. It’s a treatise on womanhood, on motherhood, on women as artists whether they know it or not. This book opened a doorway for me into my life’s mission and growing artistry. It was also my first commercially published work, for which I am eternally grateful. The publisher, Lionstower Books (London), soon after publishing the title, was acquired. I re-acquired the rights to the work, which gave me the opportunity to re-publish it independently.

Published independently, 2023.