Services provided by Leticia Mooney range from Writer Therapy, Mentoring, Wargames and Consulting, to Reiki. Learn more here.

Below are all of the services that I provide. Please email me if you’d like to know more about any of them, or text me via Telegram.


For individuals (business books, memoir, oral histories; pitch me on fiction & kids books). For businesses (histories, knowledge capture, thought leadership). For communities (oral histories). Contact me to discuss your ideas.

Writer Therapy.

For those times when you need someone to listen closely and ask you questions that you find hard to ask yourself. For any writer (workplace, PhD, artist…).


Kinda like Writer Therapy, but regular, with known goals and tracked outcomes (and unavoidable accountability!). For working professional writers.

War Games.

Online whiteboarding sessions that run for 2+ hours, designed to help you find answers to unknowns. We’ll define a scenario, you’ll prepare ahead of time, and then we’ll play. You get meeting recordings and all notes, plus follow-up. (They’re amazing. Ask me if you’d like me to send you a testimonial to read.)

Content Consulting to Support Business Changes.

For businesses without a communications pro in-house. This consultancy can help you define your (or your product’s) new voice; can support your executive team through change communications; can back you up with content writing and support during rebrands; can help you instil content and communication smarts for long-term success; and can help you improve your internal systems to make content marketing more efficient with both a shoestring budget and low head-count. This consultancy is ideal for those who want to employ a communications professional within three years. Enquire now.

Writing Services.

Writing services for businesses and individuals outside of ghostwriting include UX writing and content writing. If your business has a need for any of these services, please send an enquiry as to my current availability.

Editing for Academics in Engineering and Health Modalities.

Editing services are available for PhD candidates, Postdoc Fellows, and Academics. These encompass theses by research, theses by publication, and papers. Note that I will take editing for other disciplines, but I have a significant and successful history in engineering (civil, water, environmental) and health (specifically public health, psychiatry and alternative medicine). Coaching for blocked academic writers is also available! Please ask how I can help you when you email me.

Life Readings: Tarot, Numerology.

Tarot and Numerology readings are fine magicks that can help, can heal, can help you prepare, and can even improve your life. Where Tarot foretells what’s coming, Numerology is an oracle and so will show you how to get the most out of your destiny. Of the two, Numerology is entirely online, but I will read your cards for you in person too. For bookings or other enquiries please send me an email.


Reiki sessions will soon be available. I’m currently taking expressions of interest for those who are seeking a practitioner in central and southern Adelaide; south of Adelaide to Mount Compass; and as far east as Echunga. For bookings or other enquiries please email me. If you’d like a distance healing, that can be arranged; it comes with special requirements. Please send an enquiry.

About Services Provided by Leticia

All services are provided on a flat-fee basis. Each engagement is individually scoped and built to meet your needs. No work will proceed until proposals are agreed and contracts are signed; many contracts include licensing information.

Note that requests for editing will require you to send through a sample of your work so that you can receive an accurate proposal for the job.

If you are after hourly rates, you’ll be disappointed: I won’t send them to you (because they’re unethical; you can email me to ask why). Instead, I recommend that you view hourly rates provided by the Australian Society of Authors.

And finally, I work weekends and no longer appear in-person in the flesh for meetings unless it’s critical to the consultancy. If you’re not sure whether meetings are critical path or not, send me a message and we’ll work that out together.

I look forward to hearing from you!

xx Leticia

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