Numerology charts and readings

Numerology charts and interpretations are services offered by Leticia. On this page, you’ll what they are, who they are for, and how they work.

Numerology Charts and Interpretations

A Numerology Chart is a two-page document that analyses both your name and your date of birth.

It includes the numerical attributions of:

  • Your full name, which is called your integrated self
  • Your attractant, which is what brings people to you
  • Your inner self, which is the hidden you or the you that nobody else needs to know about. Sometimes you might not even know it!
  • An aspects table that explores the various aspects of your nature, how you show up in the world, and how the world shows up to you.
  • Your major life periods,
  • Pinnacles and low points. The pinnacles become your major life periods. These give you the one thing in those timeframes that can help you discover more ease in your life. The low points become your challenges. These indicate how the world around you can throw obstacles in your path.

A Numerology Interpretation (a “reading”) is an 8-page document that explains your chart in vast detail.

It gives you a real story about yourself, including:

  • how to strengthen the areas that are your ‘weak muscles’
  • how to identify the moments that don’t help you
  • how to get around the rocks you trip over in your life path (and what those rocks actually look like!)
  • the tools that you can rely on to improve your life in all of its aspects, from problem-solving to simply finding more joy.

My readings use the Pythagorean Numerology method

Pythagorean Numerology is a method attributed to Pythagoras, who theorised that letters have certain numerical values. Those values are assigned according to where in the alphabet they sit.

Some of the values in a Pythagorean Numerology reading come from your name. Some of them from your birth date.

Together, they give you a more complete picture of your place in the world. It shows you many of the ways in which the world also responds to you.

Numerology is properly an oracle

An oracle is not the same as a divination tool (like tarot). You could argue that Pythagorean Numerology is partially divinatory because it shows you what is going to improve your life in different ages. But you’d be wrong.

There are some things that will shift your destiny. One of those is a legal change to your name! So if your name changes for any reason, it’s wise to get your numerologist to work up a new chart and see what’s shifting for you.

In my readings you will obtain your personal year for the current year as well as the next seven years.

Numerology works for any officially named entity with a birth or ‘establishment’ date.

An officially named entity includes:

  • people
  • pets
  • businesses
  • bands
  • associations and groups
  • nations
  • … even products!

This means that if you are running a business, you can learn a great deal about its potential challenges and weaknesses by getting its chart done.

When I ran a company by the name of Brutal Pixie, I had no idea of its numerological significance. Later, when I learned the method and developed a chart, I could see very clearly that the issues I was running into–and finding difficult to solve, no less!–were clearly defined in the chart.

Corporate Numerology charts are better for teams than personality assessments. Here’s why:

A personality assessment, such as DiSC or Myers Briggs, relies on truthful and accurate self-reporting. This means that if you are a quite literal person, many of the questions will have you scratching your head wondering what it is actually asking for. In those situations, you’ll just give the survey a response based on your own assessment of that meaning.

When I was taken through a Myers Briggs (MBTI) process, my results came back with ‘no result possible’ because it determined that I was a fence-sitter and could go in any direction. To me, that’s a positive thing. To the tool, it was an error.

Personality assessments can also be culturally biased. In a world in which we are striving for unity, they are not always the best tools to use. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that there are other options.

One alternative to DiSC or MBTI is a Numerology chart and interpretation. It is a genuinely objective assessment of your traits and life path. Numerology highlights the ways in which you trip yourself up, and the ways in which other people will trip you up. It shows you your greatest strengths and how to leverage them. Your reading shows the environments that work best for you, how you relate with and to other people. You will gain indications about how you communicate, study, learn, work, and think. Imagine the possibilities for your work team, if everyone knew this level of detail about everyone else!

Leticia’s corporate numerology reading for our team was amazing. For us we are a relatively new team working together. The ‘Insights into your team report’ was extremely interesting and very confirming of how some of us already see each other in a work sense. This really helped process different actions and personalities between coworkers. It has encouraged an objective view and facilitated further understanding into ways of best working together. My personal report was very relevant and aligned to myself and my lifestyle. I could see tangible experiences and evidence from every section. The thing I loved most about the numerology report was being able to dive deeper into things I already knew about myself and cross reference it with those that I didn’t already know/perceive. Leticia provides a comprehensive, articulate report that allows you explore so much about yourself and will surely encourage you to share with those around you. It’s beneficial for personal and professional growth, and most importantly to provide confidence and grounding through the explanation of your numbers and characteristics. I would highly recommend Leticia and her numerology readings for your team, it’s a great way for different personalities to connect and understand each other. It will also help to confirm the strengths and weaknesses across the team which are so effective for planning and resourcing

Rachel McGann, Intertek SAI Global (Australia)

Corporate Numerology attracts special pricing, particularly for teams of 25+. Send me a message for more information.

Illustrated Newborn Numerology Charts and Interpretations.

I offer special, commemorative illustrated numerology charts and posters. They are the perfect for gifts for new parents.

They look like this (colour variations for male, female, non-gender-specific):

Illustrated commemorative numerology chart.

Learning who your new little person is can take time. A full numerology reading really helps with everything from choice of school to how you support your children.

The illustrated charts are print-ready, digital charts. By printing them and keeping them framed in a prominent position, you can use them as a guide and ready reckoner to life. It’s a lot easier than re-reading an 8-page report all the time!

Plus, for families, numerology is a game-changer.

Soon after my son was born, I went to an astrologer to have his natal chart and interpretations. It was interesting, but not particularly useful in being with him day-to-day. When I completed his numerology chart and interpretation, I sucked in the air in surprise. Here, laid out in front of me were all of the personality traits that I had come to know and love. But what I learned about him was that he is a genuinely exotic little guy: He has deep and intense focus, and is clever in ways different from my version of clever. As a parent, it has given me deeper ways of appreciating him, and new ways of supporting his learning and growth.

Many clients have told me that reading their children’s and partner’s reports has given them new ways of supporting them. Many in long-term marriages have reported that they’d forgotten some of the little traits that they’d so celebrated in their partners when they were young.

Contact me to discover how to get your hands on these beautiful charts.

Testimonial from Jasmine, a stepmum coach, about her numerology reading.

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Numerology only requires:

  1. Your full name, as it appears on your birth certificate (or earliest official documentation)
  2. Your date of birth.

I can work up your chart for you, and will deliver by email.

You’ll get the option for up to 3 questions after you read and digest it.

Special bundle pricing applies for groups, teams, and families.

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