I just came across this notion: Hatebeak

Have you heard of Hatebeak? They’re a death metal band with an avian vocalist. That’s right: Waldo the Parrot is vocalist for this band. I came across these guys at Encyclopaedia Metallicum when I was researching and writing up a Pig Destroyer interview. As you might know, Blake Harrison, now noise/synth artist for Pig Destroyer is also drummer for Hatebeak.

I think it’s fucking brilliant. I gotta get me some o’ this shit. If anyone has any Hatebeak they’d be willing to throw in my direction (or might be willing to negotiate a swap for…), that would be awesome.

2 thoughts on “I just came across this notion: Hatebeak

  1. Thanks Alan for the Hatebeak track! The other one didn’t download (fkng dialup)… I *really* dig that, man. Thanks so much!!

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