Industrial Corruption Tour 2009 – the Berzerker & the Amenta


THE BEZERKER: Created in 1995 with the desired need to create obscenely brutal music, “Australian Industrial Death Metalists” The Bezerker, have constantly pushed the limits of extreme music & have reached levels that very few have com even close to matching.  In 2008 and with a brand new (5th) studio album under the belt, The Berzerker are back! The Re-Awakening contains 10 new spinegrinding tracks & 6 bonus remixes. After 10 years of being signed to a “record label” the band has decided to go out on  their own and create “BERZERKER INDUSTRIES” It was created to take back control of the bands future and finances. Think of it… “Bands selling their direct to the fans.”  The Bezerker believe this is the future for all music and just to prove it they are getting in early. This is a direct mail order release only! (and yes you get a physical cd this is NOT an mp3 release) It is only available from and


THE AMENTA: “n0n”, the long awaited follow up to the debut “Occasus”, sees The Amenta redefining extreme music. Rather than relying on the clichéd shit in which other bands are content wallow, The Amenta have constructed an album built on new ideas, new concepts, new sounds and new techniques. “n0n” is the fusion of whitenoise, shards of dissonant guitars and dense layers of radio chatter. Lyrically, “n0n: is a newscast, showing you the shit around you. Suicide bombers and evangelists, freeways and dead ends. ‘n0n’ stands as an indictment on todays media and technology addicted society. With each song featuring over 100 actual recorded tracks, The Amenta’s new album pushes technology to its absolute limits. Fusing the ugliest parts of Extreme Metal, Electronic Noise and Dub with a ferocious and scathing world view, “n0n” is the future of extreme music.


Jan 23 – Hobart – The Brisbane Hotel (AA) ****

Jan 23 – Hobart – The Brisbane Hotel (18+) ****

Jan 24 – Mt Gambier – The Old Jail (AA)****

Jan 25 – Adelaide – Enigma Bar, ****

Jan 29 – Newcastle – The Cambridge Hotel

Jan 30 – Sydney – The Gaelic Club

Jan 31 – Chaos Act V Festival – The Basement,Canberra

Feb 1 – Chaos Act V Festival – The Basement, Canberra (AA)

Feb 6 – Brisbane – Rosies Tavern

Feb 7 – Sunshine Coast – The Sands Tavern

Feb 8 – TBC

Feb 12 – Mandurah – Players Nightclub

Feb 13 – Perth – Breakers

Feb 14 – Perth – Leederville HQ (AA)

Mar 19 – Ballarat – The Karova Lounge (TBC)

Mar 20 – Geelong – The National Hotel

Mar 21 – Melbourne – The HiFi (U/18s)

Mar 21 – Melbourne – The HiFi (18+)



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