RELEASE REVIEW: Samael – Above (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Bring a band out of its black metal roots, dip it in industrial/electronica, and then strip it right back and record it, and what do you get? A killer release, that’s what.

Samael have been around for a long time, and this, their ninth effort, is a measure of how time has not wearied them. Evolving from their early days of black metal, Samael are now considered to play an electro/industrial crossover style, and innovators of post-black metal. Listening to Above you’d be forgiven for thinking that they never departed from their black metal roots. For, as many people have noted – and I agree – Above could easily be hailed as being Samael’s tribute to their roots. 

As vocalist/guitarist Vorph has claimed, ‘It is like an enhanced version of our three or four first albums, maybe the missing link between Cermony Of Opposites and Passage. With the Era Oneproject we’ve tried to work on different influences; with Above we stripped everything down.’… Read More –>

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