Release Review: DAEMONICUS: Host of Rotting Flesh (ViciSolum/Riot)

I haven’t been addicted to an album with such intensity as this since I first heard Steel Panther’s release Feel The Steel. The difference is that this is otherwise a middle-of-the-road death metal release. The reason for my addiction took some figuring out.

The reason for my addiction to this album – the band’s debut, by the way – has been puzzling me. On the one hand, Daemonicus provide us with a reasonably typical death metal release. On the other hand, it’s one of those rare releases that gets better the deeper into the album you get; no, more than this, it gets better and builds on itself, with every track.

One of the other reasons for my addiction to this release is that it’s brooding thrashy death at its best. If you know anything you know that a lot of death metal has its roots in thrash – and if you need this demonstrated to you, you need to listen to this album…. READ MORE –>

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