INTERVIEW: Deathstars’ Whiplasher preaches Deathglam prior to Aussie tour

A little while ago I had the opportunity to talk to Andreas “Whiplasher Bernadotte” Bergh of Deathstars fame about deathglam, humour, girls, and touring Australia.

Deathstars’ Night Electric Night received really good press worldwide, but it’s not something that these guys even attempt to keep up with.

‘Actually it’s just impossible to try to really think about that. I don’t do that,’ Whiplasher said. ‘But of course it’s interesting to know their general opinions so to speak, but it’s not like I’m going around checking on these things. But ah, it’s got a great response and – we’re worth it, so,’ he chuckled, ‘what else is new?’

Having interviewed these guys before – albeit by email – I knew a bit about what to expect from Deathstars; and what I knew a lot about before I started was these guys’ dry sense of humour.

For some journalists, getting a statement like the one above may put them off; without any context it looks arrogant or a bit too self-congratulatory. In the context of the band’s take on things, it’s just good fun…. READ MORE –>

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