INTERVIEW: Hackneyed’s vocalist Phil talks Burn After Reaping

Young German death metal act Hackneyed sprang up out of nowhere a couple of years ago, with their début album Death Prevails. A little while ago, on the eve of the release of Burn After Reaping, I had the chance to talk to Hackneyed vocalist Pete about the album, their dream festivals, and the loss of their original guitarist, Ix.

Given that this was the band’s second time in the studio, each band member knew exactly what he had to do. It resulted in the recording process being quicker and easier, and in them having time left over in which to try a few different things.

‘We had some time left to try different things, and to make experiments with our sound, and our instruments,’ Phil explained. ‘So on Burn After Reaping there are a lot more….. READ MORE–>

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