Steff Metal RULES and you should vote for her

Seriously, Steff is just across the Tasman, her metal blog KICKS ARSE (I’m honestly quite envious). I seriously think she should win the NZ Blogger Awards.

this is what it looks like! Steff's blog I mean.

I’m sure she’s not a sheep-rooter. And in any case I’m not competing with her and have no need to cast cultural aspersions, because the awards she’s up for are Kiwi awards. (That’s New Zealand for all you peeps overseas out of the loop.)

And while Steff is being a good sport and asking you to go read other blogs, I am purely going to appeal to your elitist metalness and just ask  you to go vote for a metal sister. What we don’t want is a hip hop blog to win.


Anyway, here’s Steff’s own blurb:

The winners are decided by public vote, which is definitely one definition of what constitutes “the best” blog. Currently, a hip hop blog AYEBRO is in the lead, and I’m trailing behind in 4th place (out of 15). If you happen to think Steff Metal is pretty sweet, and you’d like to see a metal win over hip hop (Yes, I am appealing to your sense of music elitism in order to get votes. It’s what any true metalhead would do) please LIKE my website on The Bloggers page to vote.

Go now! Go vote! CLICK HERE to cast your vote.

And if you haven’t seen Steff’s blog, I don’t even know why you’re still alive. You might wanna read it before you vote. Or you might just trust me. 😉

Cautiously added note: No, I haven’t voted, because I refuse to be part of Facebook. And yes, after trying three times, I am rather miffed that it’s locked down to FB users. Anyway……


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