Fuck it.

Fuck it. Change is a good thing.

Fairly recently I hit a wave of patchy life ocean that can only be described as a miniature mid-life crisis. For about a month before my 34th birthday, the emotional tide was strong, wild, and bizarre. It was accompanied by a sense of being stuck, of feeling as though I should hide under a rock for a while, and re-thinking everything. Way too much.

Also, I got really homesick. What a weirdo.

In the midst of all of this, the ever-reliable, Lady Fantastique – Goatlady – threw me a copy of a book called Fuck It. She promised me that even though it sounds a little bit wanky, it’s not really, even if it kind of does to start with.

So, I took half a day off by myself just to read the book. And it’s possibly one of the best things I could’ve done.

Fuck It is the modern person’s guide to being more Zen. We are a lot more free with our language and concepts. And we think – actively think – ‘fuck it’, all the time. All day long. So, apply this to your life in a better way.

Say ‘fuck it’ to things that bother you, hinder you, harrass you, make you sad, make you angry, who cares. Everything we agonise over is pointless, really. So, fuck it. Why worry?

Since being given an e-book version, which I have devoured, I have since bought the paperback. All of the books that are important to me in my life, I buy in hard copy.

I have also given away crates of things, taken time out to do things I’ve been promising myself I’ll do for months, and I also redesigned my site.

Fuck it. The old design was holding me back. I didn’t want to write any more, because my paradigm had shifted (e.g. I rarely write music critique now), and it was just old. Also, YOU don’t want ads, and widgets, and shit cluttering up your vision.

So, I got rid of the whole lot. Love to hear what you think.

2 thoughts on “Fuck it.

  1. Great post, some times in life you do have to just say fuck it. In the army, we had the acronym FIDO… FUCK It, Drive On which pretty much summed up our philosophy of change the things you can, accept the things you can’t and just get on with the mission.


    1. Brilliant! Cheers Clay. I do like the FIDO philosophy. 😀
      I think that in this day and age we all get so caught up in the piddly things that we forget where life really should be. Which is pretty well self-focused.
      Reckon I need a shirt with FIDO on it.

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