[RECIPE] A rack in spicy sauce

So, I’m guessing that if you Googled “rack” and “sauce” you probably didn’t expect to end up here. But I’m glad you did cos this is freaking awesome!

<photo of the dish, mostly eaten>

Things you need

1 jar of apple pie filling, so, like, sweet mushy apples but not sauce. Often sold as apple pie/dessert filling, find one that is just apples, sugar and citric acid. Anything with thickeners and unnecessary ingredients leave for some other schmuck to buy.

2 Birdseye chillies, cut in big chunks

3 tomatoes you’d think twice about using in a sandwich, chopped roughly

mustard seeds, water, and coconut oil

Oh, and a rack of some animal. Pork works. So does lamb. Think in terms of connected ribs, something like eight of them.

How to cook it

In a heavy pan, preferably enamel-coated cast iron, put the tomato chunks, chillies, a teaspoon of oil, and a liberal scattering of mustard seeds. Turn on the heat and let it do its thing for five or 10 minutes.

When you think you should stop it all sticking, you can interfere. When you do, it should be far enough into it that you get sprayed with mustard seeds leaping in all directions.

Now, add the rack. Shove the basis of the sauce out of the way and brown it off on both sides.

When you’re happy with that, put the rack in the middle and put it on the lowest setting. Pour in the whole jar of sauce, and water to thin it out. If the lowest setting is still high, move the pan to the smallest element and put that on the lowest setting.

Lid this beast and let it cook. Check it intermittently, but let it cook for like three or four hours. If it starts to stick, interfere. If it starts to brown off, that’s ok, just smoosh it around some more.

If it starts to boil too much after it’s already browned and the meat has really shrunk back, turn it off. That pan will stay hot as hell for a long time.

When you feel like eating it, steam some spuds, bok choy and beans. Put it all on a plate and douse it all in the sauce.

I guarantee plates will be licked clean.

This serves two hungry adults. Warning: It’s spicy as buggery, but people will think it’s the best thing they’ve eaten all week (cos it will be).


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