The Meanies have a new album – and head out on tour

Get excited – THE MEANIES are back.

Might not be news to some of you but THE MEANIES have a new release and are heading out on tour to support it in November. And they’ve added an Adelaide date, which is rad.

I’m excited, because when I was 15 I stage managed a show for the first time. That show? The Meanies, Regurgitator and Fur… before Regurgitator hit the big time with their first JJJ hit.

Good times.

Here’s a sample from THE MEANIES’ forthcoming release, out 25 September 2015. Info at their website here. I wasn’t sure I’d dig it without DD and Tas (RIP) but it’s pretty good. I might need to dig out my flannie (hey they’re in fashion again now, right?) and go to this show.

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