What’s with all the locked posts?

Finally, a comprehensive explanation for all the locked posts here! It seems like there’s almost one locked post for every free one. So, for all you regular readers, an explanation.

This is for you if you’re a regular reader, and wondering what the go is with all the password-protected posts here. I figured I owe you an explanation.

For the past two years I have had a Patreon community that supports me as I carve out time each week for my writing life. It’s been excellent, but Patreon is changing, and my wishes are changing. So I am disabling Patreon in favour of bringing the community back to my own platform.

Who are the protected, ‘sponsor only’ posts for?

They are for anyone who chooses to become a sponsor here.

When you do, you get a password that allows you access to the sponsor-only content. Each week, you get dedicated emails from me, and a weekly post in both text (like this post) AND audio.

Plus whatever other perks you’re entitled to. 😛

Sponsors include anyone who joins any of the following:

  1. All the baseline sponsors who pay just $1 per month ($ 12 per year)
  2. The Flash Fiction of the Month Club members, who pay $ 4.50 per month
  3. All the silver sponsors, who pledge $ 12 per month
  4. All the gold sponsors, who offer $ 97 per month
  5. All the platinum sponsors, who contribute $ 299 per month
  6. The Ultimate Enablers, who contribute $ 558 per month

Why ‘sponsor’ and not ‘patron’?

This is such an important change. It might be semantics to you, but it’s really meaningful to me. Here’s why:

‘Patron’ means ‘protector’.

‘Sponsor’ means ‘to pledge’ or ‘make an offering’.

The idea that someone is protecting my work is kind of gross and false to me, because my work continues with or without them. Making an offering is a freedom, a desire, a wish to move things forward in the world in whatever way you can. It’s less authoritarian, if you like.

Plus, the word ‘patron’ is really a Patreon thing. It took me forever to get used to that word, and now that I don’t have to, it’s gone. 🙂

Many of the posts here will remain open to the public as usual

Don’t worry if you think everything is going to get locked behind a pay wall. Almost everything I write is free to consume.

But if you love what I do, please do consider joining our little community. The group is amazing, and filled with inspiring people.

Maybe one day, you can become one of them.