What does a Numerology reading cover, and how?

‘What does a Numerology reading cover, and how?’ is one of the first questions I’m asked by curious folk. And one of the first things to realise is that numerology is not a form of divination.

Numerology gives you insight into yourself and your interactions with the world.

Numerology is an oracle. It shows you all the parts of you: The good, the bad, the ugly, the weak, the strong, the beautiful, the surprising, the hidden. The parts of you that you perhaps don’t want to recognise. The parts of you that you love, and the parts of you that you somehow knew were there but couldn’t quite pinpoint.

How your world shows up is a mirror of you, your beliefs, your mental attitude, and how you approach the world. What is confronting is that your birth date and your name can shine a light on a whole lot of those things: You have free will, but you are also shaped by when you were born and how you were named.

The insight is deep and powerful. It gives you a sense of why things go right and why things go wrong.

As my mother-in-law quipped when I did her chart, ‘I’m not sure I like you knowing all of this about me.’

As an oracle, numerology can’t tell you what’s coming or what to do.

Numerology is not divinatory. Tarot is divinatory: It is a reading of your life path, and an explanation of where you are, where you’re going and what’s coming at you. But numerology is not.

You can, of course, go bananas with numerology. You can see numbers around you everywhere and start imaging that they’re giving you signs. But it’s just imagination, for the most part.

What numerology does instead is show you how to strengthen the weak aspects of you; how to leverage the strong ones; how to approach your current life phase and current year; and how to minimise recurrent problems (and know what those problems are, actually).

When you know these things, you are capable of living your best life more easily. Suddenly you understand the remedy for the tricky things, and you understand why your default attitudes emerge the way they do.

So what does a numerology “reading” cover?

A numerology chart gives us your:

  • whole self, a picture of who you are in your wholeness
  • inner self, the person you hide from the world (and sometimes hide from yourself)
  • outer self, the person that other people see, the person you present to the world, the person that attracts others to you
  • ruling tendencies, which are those traits that dominate your attitudes and approaches to life
  • key, which is your particular way of ‘unlocking’ solutions and ways forward
  • weaknesses, which are traits and parts of you that require attention to really work in your favour
  • foundation, which are the traits that give you your strength in difficult times (and keep you steady)
  • challenges, which are the repeated externalities like people, environments and circumstances that you encounter in your life. They’re graded into minor, medium, and major challenges
  • pot-holes or rocks in your road, which are the things that you will always trip over and have to deal with or find ways around or over
  • destiny, which is where you’ll end up
  • direction, which is how you’ll get to your destiny.
  • major life periods, which show you which aspects of your life are going to make those periods of your life easier, simpler, and more effective (typically cast in decades).

Besides all of the above, your numerologist may give you interpretations for your current or future personal years. I include this year and the next seven years in all of my charts and interpretations.

A high level of repetition in your chart (the same numbers coming up) indicates an easier life. A high level of chaos (loads of different numbers) indicates more complexity and, well, chaos. Either way, understanding your life path numerologically can do incredible things for you. For example, I am quite a cerebral and internal-dwelling person, which sometimes creates challenges with others; overcoming it for me is about deploying empathy more often. I know this intuitively, but my chart shows it decisively. It helps me remember how to act, and sometimes it’s the reminder that is the most important thing.

How does it work?

The form of numerology I use is called Pythagorean. It takes your date of birth for some aspects (life periods, challenges, destiny, direction, personal years), and it takes your full birth name for all of the remainder.

Each letter of your name is assigned a value and those values are added together, and then reduced to a single value, using a particular methodology.

Many people ask whether changes to name are significant. Things like marriage, or choices to change names. These changes can be influential, but in my personal and professional opinion, it’s more important to understand who you are as you came into the world. That really defined your life path; shifts along the way don’t shape you so meaningfully or deeply.

Of course, if you wanted me to do charts for all of your permutations and changes, I would absolutely do that. It’s just more important to focus on who you were in the beginning before you look at any later shifts.

Numerology works for anything with a ‘name’!

This includes:

  • buildings
  • companies, businesses, corporations
  • team names
  • project names
  • pets
  • properties and houses
  • boats

Therefore, if you’re moving into a new place and that place has a name, it might be worthwhile having a chart done for that property. Places are people too, and when you understand the personality of the place you live in, you may discover nuances you might otherwise never see.

Similarly, company and business names can genuinely impact their performance. If you’re experiencing roadblocks or challenges in your business life, having a numerology chart done for your business may give you deep insight. When I did the numerology chart for past businesses of mine, I saw their challenges laid out before me in plain sight, and it took my breath away.

It is useful to have numerology charts completed for potential names ahead of time!

This is particularly the case for children and businesses. If, for example, you know your business is starting on a particular date and you have a few names chosen, have charts done for each one. Then, choose the name that contains more traits of your definition of success. If you want your children to be financially capable, make sure they have a couple of ‘h’s in their names!

Because numerology is objective, it is more useful for teams than self-reported tools like DiSC

Numerology charts and interpretations show you not just who you are. They also show you how you relate to others, how others perceive you, and what are your default approaches to the world. Corporate numerology also gives you what you do in team and project situations: It gives you a sense of your own archetype.

Are you a leader? An innovator? A worker bee? A talker? A person who is gifted at data analysis or finance? Numerology will tell you.

More importantly, having a whole team’s numerology completed gives you a clear picture of the nature of the team. Do you recruit in a particular way, so that your team is stacked with personalities of a particular type? It happens more often than you think, and your team’s numerology can paint those pictures for you.

Do you want your chart done?

I take new clients continuously for both numerology and tarot. If you’ve read this far and are curious about your own chart, contact me and we can chat.

xx Leticia

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