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Coaching for writers helps writers to become aligned with their deepest purpose. It is chiefly designed for entrepreneurial writers who realise they aren’t writing for themselves.

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What does coaching for writers look like?

Coaching for writers looks like an external set of eyes on what you’re doing. At some point, everyone needs external eyes. But this is most important when a writer has built a freelance business and can’t seem to move it forwards… or can’t seem to move into doing what they want to do, which is to write for themselves.

Coaching is a deep, personal, and intimate type of experience. In the beginning, you agree a set of standards and rules with your coach. You also:

  • discuss what your goals are
  • discuss your challenges
  • discuss your perceived barriers.

Your coach ought to be a highly skilled and attentive listener, capable of drawing answers out of you. For writers who feel like ‘I don’t know’ is all they have, this is invaluable.

However, your coach will also push you to find the answers. It’s not like asking a friend who wants to keep you happy. Your coach wants you to grow. Growth is uncomfortable. It pushes you into areas that hurt, that irritate, that make you sad. But it’s from that discomfort that learning happens. Without discomfort, you’ll never learn! It’s your desire to get out of discomfort that pushes you forwards.

It sounds nasty, and it can be.

But it can also look like celebrating amazing wins.

In all cases, coaching is personal. When I coach you, for example, it’s an intuitive process. There are no tick-boxes, no checklists, no standardised ways forward. It’s me helping you to learn from yourself. Ultimately, that’s the only coaching that counts.

This type of coaching is NOT a service that will review your writing. I will not read your manuscripts, edit your books, or do anything other than serve YOU as a writer. If you want help with your writing, I highly recommend you visit the Reedsy Marketplace.

This coaching service is a personal support service. Think of a doula rather than a midwife. If you’d like to learn more about it please email me.

Who is this coaching service for?

This coaching service is for writers of all kinds (creative, academic, professional) who:

  • are finding their way forward
  • are establishing their places in the world
  • are handling the complications of their lives and business and everything and feel totally and utterly stuck
  • are wanting to move into their own art and away from shadow services (such as editing, management, or corporate work).

What does coaching for writers include?

The coaching that I provide gives you the following:

  1. A list of agreed principles that we both abide by, which governs our relationship
  2. One audio call every month for 60 minutes. This is baseline. Some of my clients–who pay far more than the baseline coaching rate!–have long, extended monthly calls. That’s only on request.
  3. A full set of written call notes emailed to you post-call.
  4. A choice of additional options.

The additional options with your coaching service include things like SMS support (via Telegram or Signal, for confidentiality), and War Gaming.

It’s really more like ‘writer therapy’! 🙂

Coaching with me is really much more like a therapy session. Many of my clients have told me that what I offer isn’t coaching or mentoring, but writer therapy.

Writer therapy helps writers to see the elephant in the room. That can be a skill they’ve mis-identified; an attitude; a pattern they’ve been unable to break; the time to write that they don’t think they have; or something else.

This is why you’ll often find yourself refreshed, refocused, and renewed after a session. During a coaching session you’ll air your problems and grievances, and I’ll help you to discover the best way forward.

This is not me teaching you. This is me helping you to learn from yourself. That’s why it’s more like therapy.

All about War Gaming with Leticia

War Gaming is an insanely awesome practise that only select coaching clients gain access to. But you can pay for a War Gaming session over and above your regular coaching fee if you want access to it. So what is it, exactly?

War Gaming is for when you’re facing a decision and don’t know what to do. Here’s how it works:

  1. We discuss the decision and whether it’s suitable for a War Game. If it is, then:
  2. We define a scenario.
  3. You go off and do some preliminary research.
  4. We ‘role play’ the scenario in an online whiteboard session.

During the session, I am your War Game host. I will post questions, play Devil’s Advocate, ponder aloud, and push you to narrate what goes on during the scenario. You will put yourself in a position in time (imagined or otherwise), and uncover what happens as a result of whatever the scenario is.

The outcomes of War Games can be astonishing.

In one War Game, a coaching client wanted to know how she might built a profile in the same way that Joan Didion built hers. My client is a culture writer of a similar stripe to Didion, but in a wildly different time. Before the session, she went off and did a heap of reading and research, and then we ran the game. The game surprised both of us! I can’t share details for privacy reasons, but it took both of us in directions we never foresaw. As a direct result of that War Game, my client fundamentally change her attitude, her approach to marketing, and her approach to her art. Since then, she has gained significant by-lines, and knows exactly when and how she will be able to produce her first book… and why!

A War Game typically runs for 2-3 hours. You get copies of the whiteboard and any relevant additional notes afterwards, plus follow-up.

Fees for coaching and War Games

Here are the fees for your coaching and War Game sessions:

  1. Coaching begins at $120 per month. Your first engagement is for a maximum of 3 months.
  2. War Game sessions are $550 each.

I also offer a premium service that begins at $550/month in which:

  • coaching calls alternate with War Game sessions
  • support is available via SMS without restriction between calls.
  • you can access focused help in specific growth areas.

Book a free session to see if it’s for you:

This gets you 1 x 60-minute session as if you were a regular client. This means that you’ll get one audio call, a full set of notes, and clear actions for the following month. For free!

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