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Numerology charts and interpretations, and Tarot readings are services offered by Leticia. On this page, you’ll what they are, who they are for, and how they work.

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Life readings show you the way…

Numerology Charts and Interpretations

A Numerology Chart is a two-page document that analyses both your name and your date of birth. It includes the numerical attributions of:

  • Your full name, which is called your integrated self
  • Your attractant, which is what brings people to you
  • Your inner self, which is the hidden you or the you that nobody else needs to know about. Sometimes you might not even know it!
  • An aspects table that explores the various aspects of your nature, how you show up in the world, and how the world shows up to you.
  • Your major life periods,
  • Pinnacles and low points. The pinnacles become your major life periods. These give you the one thing in those timeframes that can help you discover more ease in your life. The low points become your challenges. These indicate how the world around you can throw obstacles in your path.

A Numerology Interpretation (a “reading”) is a multi-page document that explains your chart in vast detail. It gives you a real story about yourself, including:

  • how to strengthen the areas that are your ‘weak muscles’
  • how to identify the moments that don’t help you
  • how to get around the rocks you trip over in your life path (and what those rocks actually look like!)
  • the tools that you can rely on to improve your life in all of its aspects, from problem-solving to simply finding more joy.

Pythagorean Numerology

Pythagorean Numerology is a method attributed to Pythagoras, who theorised that letters have certain numerical values. Those values are assigned according to where in the alphabet they sit.

Some of the values in a Pythagorean Numerology reading come from your name. Some of them from your birth date. Together they give you a more complete picture of your place in the world. It shows you many of the ways in which the world also responds to you.

Numerology is properly an oracle

An oracle is not the same as a divination tool. You could argue that Pythagorean Numerology is partially divinatory because it shows you what is going to improve your life in different ages.

There are some things that will shift your destiny. One of those is a legal change to your name! So if your name changes for any reason, it’s wise to get your numerologist to work up a new chart and see what’s shifting for you.

In my readings you will obtain your personal year for the current year as well as the next seven years.

Numerology works for any officially named entity with a birth or ‘establishment’ date

An officially named entity includes:

  • people
  • pets
  • businesses
  • bands
  • associations and groups
  • nations
  • … even products!

This means that if you are running a business, you can learn a great deal about its potential challenges and weaknesses by getting its chart done.

When I ran a company by the name of Brutal Pixie, I had no idea of its numerological significance. Later, when I learned the method and developed a chart, I could see very clearly that the issues I was running into–and finding difficult to solve, no less!–were clearly defined in the chart.

Corporate Numerology charts are better for teams than personality assessments. Here’s why:

A personality assessment, such as DiSC or Myers Briggs, relies on truthful and accurate self-reporting. This means that if you are a quite literal person, many of the questions will have you scratching your head wondering what it is actually asking for. In those situations, you’ll just give the survey a response based on your own assessment of that meaning.

When I was taken through a Myers Briggs (MBTI) process, my results came back with ‘no result possible’ because it determined that I was a fence-sitter and could go in any direction. To me, that’s a positive thing. To the tool, it was an error.

Personality assessments can also be culturally biased. In a world in which we are striving for unity, they are not always the best tools to use. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that there are other options.

One alternative to DiSC or MBTI is a Numerology chart and interpretation. It is a genuinely objective assessment of your traits and life path. Numerology highlights the ways in which you trip yourself up, and the ways in which other people will trip you up. It shows you your greatest strengths and how to leverage them. Your reading shows the environments that work best for you, how you relate with and to other people. You will gain indications about how you communicate, study, learn, work, and think. Imagine the possibilities for your work team, if everyone knew this level of detail about everyone else!

Leticia’s corporate numerology reading for our team was amazing. For us we are a relatively new team working together. The ‘Insights into your team report’ was extremely interesting and very confirming of how some of us already see each other in a work sense. This really helped process different actions and personalities between coworkers. It has encouraged an objective view and facilitated further understanding into ways of best working together. My personal report was very relevant and aligned to myself and my lifestyle. I could see tangible experiences and evidence from every section. The thing I loved most about the numerology report was being able to dive deeper into things I already knew about myself and cross reference it with those that I didn’t already know/perceive. Leticia provides a comprehensive, articulate report that allows you explore so much about yourself and will surely encourage you to share with those around you. It’s beneficial for personal and professional growth, and most importantly to provide confidence and grounding through the explanation of your numbers and characteristics. I would highly recommend Leticia and her numerology readings for your team, it’s a great way for different personalities to connect and understand each other. It will also help to confirm the strengths and weaknesses across the team which are so effective for planning and resourcing

Rachel McGann, Intertek SAI Global (Australia)

Corporate Numerology attracts special pricing, particularly for teams of 25+. Send me a message for more information.

Illustrated Newborn Numerology Charts and Interpretations

Learning who your new little person is can take time. A full numerology reading really helps with everything from choice of school to how you support your children.

Soon after my son was born, I went to an astrologer to have his natal chart and interpretations. It was interesting but not particularly useful in being with him day-to-day. When I completed his numerology chart and interpretation, I sucked in the air in surprise. Here, laid out in front of me were all of the personality traits that I had come to know and love. But what I learned about him was that he is a genuinely exotic little guy: He has deep and intense focus, and he does slightly odd things because he thinks in a different way from me. So they’re not ‘odd’: They’re perfect. As a parent, it has given me deeper ways of appreciating him, and new ways of supporting his learning and growth.

Imagine, then, what a gift this is for you as a parent. Or what it can mean for your friends if you were gift it to them at the birth of their new little person!

Because it’s so special, I treat newborn numerology readings slightly differently. The charts and interpretations are beautifully designed. I can deliver via email or in print, but the pricing is quite different so send me an email if you’re curious.

Testimonial from Jasmine, a stepmum coach, about her numerology reading.

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Tarot Readings

Tarot is a divination method. This is a method of prophecy that will show you where you are right now, what’s coming up for you (and those around you) in your life, and what to expect.

Unlike numerology readings, tarot readings are focused on what’s coming down the timeline towards you. If you’re a person who understands basics of quantum physics, the best way to think about this is that a reading collapses the wave. It brings events out of the realm of ‘all possibility’ and puts them in front of you.

Tarot is not a deck of cards. The cards are Tarot’s language

Many people believe that Tarot is a deck of cards. But it isn’t. The cards are simply the language that Tarot uses to communicate with us.

A great way to think about this is that you are an energetic being. You are made of energy, and you express that energy in particular ways. When you handle, shuffle, the cards, Tarot is imbued with your -ness.

This is how your interpreter can read your patterns in the cards that you have handled. This is also why if you go to a tarot reader who shuffles and deals the cards for you, then you’re being taken up the garden path for a ride. Would you rather the cards represent you, or them? If they’re doing the work, they ain’t reading you.

Tarot is psychic. Here’s why:

When you sit with a tarot reader, that reader is momentarily possessed by you. In the same way that the cards are tarot’s language, your tarot reader experiences a short period of possession that allows the person to read what’s in your cards.

A tarot session is a deep, personal, intimate experience that is not diluted by an online reading. That’s physics again: Energy is non-local and simultaneous.

So if you’re wondering whether I am psychic, you have your answer. Yes. When you come to me for a tarot reading, we will experience a moment of beingness that is simultaneous.

What happens during a tarot reading?

During a tarot reading, you will be taken through a series of what we call ‘maps’. They’re maps and not layouts because tarot is about showing you the landscape through which you’re travelling. You are earth, you are not separate from earth. Therefore, we use maps.

Here’s the basic process:

  1. I will (in person) or you will (online) open your deck properly. If it’s an online reading, you’ll be shown how to do that.
  2. You’ll shuffle the deck until you feel like it’s time to stop.
  3. You’ll be instructed in how to lay out each map.

There are several maps that we walk through. These are:

  1. Dead reckoning. This shows you where you are right now.
  2. The Grove. This highlights people and events that are hidden.
  3. Familiar Faces. This is about the people and places that are second-hand to you but impactful in your events.
  4. Stargate. This is a deeply nuanced map that gives a vast amount of information, from where home is to health issues.
  5. Horse Latitude. This gives you warnings Tarot wants you to hear.
  6. Anything Else. This gives you more information Tarot wants you to have.
  7. Questions. You’ll speak your question aloud while you shuffle the cards. Tarot can be obnoxious: You’ll want to ask a very specific question, which hasn’t already been answered! You’ll also want to avoid attempting to remove free will (tarot won’t make your life happen, your decisions will!); generic questions; naive questions (like asking about when you’ll find a soul mate. Just don’t.).

You will be asked not to speak until the questions section.

How long is a tarot reading?

A full tarot reading can take up to 2 hours. A short reading may occupy 30 minutes.

As you can see from what happens (above) in a reading, they can take a long time! A full reading has seven maps. You shuffle in between every map. Your tarot reader will look, read, ponder, and talk.

A short reading is comprised of Dead Reckoning, the Stargate, and 1 Question only.

There are answers to more questions about tarot readings here.

NEVER go for a tarot card reading if you’re facing a mental health challenge!

Always avoid tarot readings when you are in the middle of a mental health challenge or issue of any kind. Here’s why: Tarot can be confronting. It deals with everything from new life to deaths, including violent deaths.

It can be triggering.

If you are already having trouble dealing with so-called ‘normal’ life, tarot can push you in unhelpful directions. It can cause fixations, worry, anxiety, and even terror!

Tarot will wait until your health is back on track. Besides, if you are in the best possible frame of mind, then you can make the absolute most of your reading.

It’s for this reason that I will ask you very bluntly whether you are facing any mental health issues at the time of booking. I simply will not put your wellbeing at risk. Please help me to help you by being honest.

If you’d like to learn more about that, I’m happy to have a confidential discussion. Send me an email here.

In-person Tarot Readings are held in Hallett Cove, Southern Adelaide & Fleurieu Peninsula

In-person readings are at Hallett Cove Civic Centre and other locations by arrangement.

I will only come to you if you book me for an event. These include hen’s parties, birthday parties, sip-and-paint, high tea, kitchen tea, corporate events, or girls’ afternoons.

In-person tarot readings are held on weekends only. They are booked a minimum of two weeks in advance.

Online Tarot Readings: Everything you need to know

Tarot readings online are easy, fast, and effective! This is by far the most private and effective option.

Here is what you need:

  1. A deck of cards. These ones are cost-effective. I can also arrange a deck for you at your expense (including postage).
  2. Access to the internet, obviously. 🙂
  3. A webcam that will show your cards clearly. A great webcam is a portable Logitech like this one. (It’s similar to the one that I use).

Your appointment will be booked a minimum of 7 days in advance. They are always held on weekends. Other days are generally not available.

Readings will be held via Brave Talk or Skype.

All readings are recorded and you’ll get a copy of that recording to keep. Always keep your readings to refer back to.

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