INTERVIEW with As I Lay Dying's Nick Hipa

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After watching As I Lay Dying’s This is who we are DVD pack, it made me wonder whether I would gain anything new by merely interviewing these guys. But interview them I did – specifically, I spoke with guitarist Nick Hipa – all about the DVD, its creation, and more.

As I Lay Dying’s (AILD) DVD This is who we are is so extensive, and covers so much about the band, that it probably should be considered essential viewing for any journo who needs to talk to them. Given that the DVD set is so extensive, and given that the documentary DVD (disc 1) runs for over two hours, it seemed pertinent to start with the question of whether these guys ever reconsidered the length of the release. Guitarist Nick Hipa talked about how there were, of course, changes made to the first version of the film that As I Lay Dying received, but that they didn’t want to interrupt the story of it: something about which they’re not making any excuses. READ MORE ->

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