KREATOR hit Australia this September!

corpion Entertainment & Riot! Entertainment presents the world’s most influential and successful European thrash band in the history of heavy metal, Kreator!

In the world of metal, a bands legacy is almost as important as their music. Kreator are definitely a band that has an undeniable legacy and the Teutonic Thrashers are returning to Australia this September to unleash hell for their legions of fans.

In January of this year, Kreator released Hordes Of Chaos, a powerhouse record that ticked all the boxes of a trademark Kreator slab. Confronting, intelligent lyrics, razor sharp riffs, a full-frontal drumming assault and the patented rasping vocals of one Mille Petrozza.

According to Mille, the new album is a 100% realistic reflection of Kreator’s live qualities: no ProTool fixes or sterile production, just a band sounding as threatening on record as they do on stage, as brutal today as they were over 20 years ago!

With over two decades’ history, an unmistakable back catalogue, and a deadly live show that has been perfected over thousands of live shows around the world, Kreator will once again be slamming their flag of hate smack-bang in the middle of Australian venues in September.


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