Zombie candy: the most random piece of awesome

I do tend to like random awesome things. When I saw the Zombie Candies from ThinkGeek, I was in paroxysms of joy. Those guys do the most amazing shit ever. Lookie here:

Brain Candy

Mr. Zombie had a hard day. The morning was full of dodging shotgun blasts and locals with shovels. He had a light lunch (two brains, a kidney, seven feet of intestine, and a peppermint patty he found on the ground) and then decided to check out his favorite discotheque. There he spied the most heinous zombie girl in the world. He ran into the bathroom to make sure he was disgusting enough to chat her up. It was then Mr. Zombie discovered his breath reeked of peppermint! What to do? No worries – Mr. Zombie popped a Zombie Mint.

And how, you may wonder, did Mr. Zombie combat one mint with another? It’s because Zombie Mints were made with the living dead in mind. They taste just like rotting brain. You probably think we’re joking. You probably think these really just taste like sweet little peppermints. But you are wrong; dead wrong. Zombie Mints are not to be trifled with. They are Undead Approved for stinkening your breath. Are you brave enough to try some? Go on . . . we dare you.

Go here to check out these awesome candies. Brain shaped. Brilliant.

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