INTERVIEW: Whitechapel’s Alex Wade on touring, writing & Soundwave 2010

We caught up with Whitechapel’s Alex Wade recently, most ostensibly to talk about their forthcoming Soundwave appearances throughout Australia in 2010. Unfortunately, the interview was quite short because the phone connection was absolute shite. Ah well; you win some, you lose some. But suffice it to say, the guys are hell excited about hitting the land down under this coming February.

When I spoke with Whitechapel guitarist Alex Wade about their forthcoming appearance at the 2010 Soundwave Festivals, they were in the middle of a tour. They were on the road with Trivium, and other support acts according to the stage of the tour cycle. Because they were travelling and hanging out every day, and having a good time, it was a lot more fun than it was work.

Last time I talked to these guys, it was just prior to a massive headlining run in Australia, which incorporated thirteen dates and stacks of regional shows. It was great to get the opportunity to talk to the guys about how that tour went for them. And it is something that they’d do again…. READ MORE –>

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