INTERVIEW: Thirty years and thrashing harder than ever – OVERKILL

With the rise of the new wave of thrash, which has taken the world by storm in the past two years or so, it becomes easy to forget that some of the earliest thrash bands are still going strong. Enter Overkill: old-school thrashers with a long history.

I recently caught up with both Bobby (vocals) and DD (bass) to chat about Overkill‘s latest release, Ironbound, which is taking people by surprise left, right, and centre; their change of label – they’re now with Nuclear Blast; and the impact touring has on the Overkill sound.

Much of the critics’ take of Ironbound – which has been a good take – tends to pass by such veterans of the scene as Overkill. As Bobby commented, ‘It’s obviously flattering – but inconsequential unless stuck on the toilet. Then a good or bad review holds the same value…’.

While many critics find themselves wanting more by the end of the release, the structure of the album wasn’t planned so deliberately that the band was consciously trying to create such a yearning in the listener.

‘It wasn’t planned that way, but the result is awesome,’ Bobby enthused. ‘If the opening track The Green & Black clocks in at 8+ minutes and feels like 5 – that’s success. Having time pass without it noticeably passing, then it’s a score. I suppose it’s also about having less rules, formulas. Makes the game that much more fun to play.’

DD was a little more dismissive. ‘How long or short a song is doesn’t really matter…. READ MORE –>

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