Release review: Cauldron Black Ram – Slubberdegullion (Weird Truth/The Cave)

Adelaide death metallers Cauldron Black Ram return with a bottom-heavy, and well-managed, concept album that they ought to be proud of.

Locally, anticipation has been quite high for the release ofCauldron Black Ram‘s new album, Slubberdegullion, which has only just been released. In the interests of transparency, I will point out that these guys are mates of mine – but that small fact isn’t going to stop me from writing an honest review.

Cauldron Black Ram have given us, with Slubberdegullion, a very bottom-heavy death metal release. The very first thing I noticed about it was the production – things like that, I always notice first, so it oughtn’t to surprise you. In my opinion it’s detrimental to the release, because it is a bit thick and yet, perhaps contradictorily, raw at the same time. To get the best out of Slubberdegullion you have to dick around with your equalizer for a bit to get it to optimum listening levels; once you do that, however, you can take the release on its merits.

I won’t lie: the production values might actually…. READ MORE –>

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