[Release Review] IMMORTAL – The Seventh Date of Blashyrkh (DVD)

The long and the short of this review is that this DVD is unimpressive.

Immortal are a great live band, and a great band in and of themselves. When I last saw these guys when they toured Australia, it was an intense show. And the live show they played at Wacken 2007 is, by this live DVD anyway, up to the same standard.

The Seventh Date of Blashyrk is Immortal’s long-awaited first DVD. And as much as I like the band, I would hesitate to buy this release, especially at some of the inflated prices I’ve seen locally. ($48? Are you kidding me?)

For this DVD is nothing more than the band’s set at Wacken 2007. There are no stills, no interviews, no clips, no extras of any description. The title screen, in fact, says it all: it appears extraordinarily cheap. It doesn’t even feature the DVD’s title on the menu screen.

And it might be just me, but the penchant that bands (or their labels maybe?) have for releasing DVDs of bands playing Wacken is getting…. shall we say… tiresome…. CLICK HERE READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW.

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