The most metal accessory I’ve seen…

…Is this fantastic metal pen, from ThinkGeek. It writes in metal! For real.

This metal inkless micro pen never runs out and never needs to be refilled. It doesn’t smudge, doesn’t erase, doesn’t bleed or become unreadable in any way.

It also writes upside-down and underwater! I had a geeky stationerygasm (I love stationery, most girls do) when I saw it. Not to mention that the fact that it writes in metal just blew my mind.

Here’s what ThinkGeek said about the pen:

In an emergency, you need a writing implement – something that will always be within hand’s reach, will never run out of ink, and won’t smear when you run your flop-sweaty mitts all over the paper. This pen writes in metal! Not graphite like a pencil or ink like a pen that smears and becomes unreadable. The lead-based alloy leaves a permanent mark that won’t smudge or be erased.

Fantastic stuff. More info here.

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