Soundwave launches record label

We all had a suspicion that Soundwave were looking at bigger and better things. We weren’t wrong. They’ve launched their own label now, which is currently focusing on international artists.

It’s an interesting call, considering most Australians tend to only think about what’s within their borders. Often to their detriment.

It will be interesting to see how this rolls. Judging by their past performance, I’d say that Soundwave might play their cards well enough to simply gain strength.

From YourDailySPA:

Soundwave has broadened its attention beyond festivals, with the confirmation that they’ve launched a new label 3Wise Records, which has a focus on international artists currently.

Describing themselves today as ‘boutique’, with distribution through Sony, Fireworks andZebrahead are the first two artists to be announced on the label. Fireworks, a pop punk band based in Detroit, will release Gospel Friday 5 August, while punk outfit Zebrahead will releaseGet Nice! on the same day.

Today 3Wise’s label manager Jeanna Sims, who joined from defunct label Stomp “six to eight months ago” to lead this project, told Your Daily SPA that they won’t be solely focused on bands that Soundwave tours through their festivals (Soundwave, Soundwave Revolution and Harvest) but that it is “absolutely open”.

However they’re not looking at local acts at this stage. “Not as yet,” she said, “but it’s not something that we’re cancelling out.”

They’re planning to release a Soundwave Revolution compilation through themselves (previous compilations have been distributed by Shock) prior to the festival.

Upcoming releases for 3Wise are:

5 August
Fireworks – Gospel
Zebrahead – Get Nice!

12 August
Vanna – And They Came Baring Bones
Chelsea Grin – My Damnation

26 August
Iwrestledabearonce – Iwrestledabearonce EP

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