Trying to find a house? Good luck

My fiance and I (yes, we’re engaged to be married, really keen to settle down) have been looking for a new place to live for a while. And guess what? It’s fucking near impossible.

We’ve been given bum-steers left and right. One place, the landlord was keen on us but her husband let the property to a couple who offered $5 more per week over a two year period. That amounts to $500, which to me is really just pissing in the ocean. And no, we weren’t asked to counter-offer.

Another place, the landlord gave us all the positive signals. Then chose a mother with a plumber son over us. Without calling our references. My guess? She’s thinking “free plumbing work!”. Get fucked.

Another place, for which we were the first applicants, and applied in full without an application form, we missed out on because we don’t have children. Like, come on, man! Is that your criteria?

Another place, before we’d even applied(!), the agent was saying, “well I want three months of your payslips, plus details of all of your savings accounts, because I have international students with $60,000 in the bank…”. We turned around and said, well have your fucking international students dickhead, cos we ain’t playing that game. That house is still available.

If you are white, hard working, childless, and need a house, good luck finding a place to rent!

So… 5 weeks left to find a house. We’re gonna end up with nowhere to live. Guaranteed.

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