Fancy yourself a bargain shopper? Like Metal? READ THIS

This dude does this every year just about. And I love, love, love, love, love hearing about it. I watch eBay every year waiting for this!!



Read the below then look at the fricken huuuuge list. Wow. There are between 300-400 items listed on this eBay store.

All of these CDs & DVDs are either as new or have never been played. There are no scratched, they are sealed, or they are all of the above. All items that say ‘Promo’ are for the most part in cardboard sleeves instead of jewel cases, but the discs are perfect.

Most of this shit starts at $0.99. Seriously.

For Up to 3 CDs cost is $6.00 Anywhere within Australia (this includes packaging). For the rest of the world, see the eBay store.

There is also a Facebook page where there are pictures and details of other things listed. Items listed below in RED aren’t on eBay but are on Facebook, so shoot the dude a message if you want ’em.

There are 4 Categories below

Full Album Promos Or Retail Versions
Album & Single Record Company Promos In Cardboard Sleeves – a small number of these may or may not have beeps and other anti piracy techniques and should be viewed as collectors items for the most part
EMI Records – Promos
T- Shirts – Various Sizing – Mainly L/XL/2XL


Across The Sun – Pestilence & Rapture – SEALED
Across The Sun – Before The Night Takes Us – DIGIPAK
Annihilator – Annihilator
Anterior – Echoes Of The Fallen – SEALED
Arch/Matheos – Sympathetic Resonance – DIGIPAK SEALED
Assaulter – Boundless
As You Drown – Ratking
Autumn – Cold Comfort
Autumn Offering, The – Self Titled
Babyjane – Are You Listening
Barnburner – Bangers II, Scum Of The Earth
Battlecross – Pursuit Of Honor
Behemoth – Ezkaton – DIGIPAK, SEALED
Believer – Transhuman
Between The Buried And Me – The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues – DIGIPAK
Black Label Society – Order Of The Black – DIGIPAK
Black Label Society – The Song Remains Not The Same
Black Veil Brides – We Stitch These Wounds
Blind Guardian – A Voice In The Dark EP SEALED
Brides Of Destruction – Here Comes The Brides – Single
Burgerkill – Venomous DIGIPAK, SEALED
Bunny, The Bear – The – If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say – SEALED
Campbell, Ali (UB40) – Great British Songs – DIGIPAK
Cauldron – Burning Fortune – SEALED
Chaos Divine – The Human Connection – DIGIPAK
Charred Walls Of The Damned – Cold Winds On Timeless Days – DIGIPAK
Chud – Blood And Bone
Chimaira – Resurrection – SINGLE, SIGNED by 2 Members
Christopher Cross – Doctor Faith
Conditions – Fluorescent Youth – SEALED
Danko Jones – Never Too Loud – SEALED
Day To Remember, A – What Separates Me From You – DIGIPAK, SEALED
Day To Remember, A – All Signs Point To Lauderdale – PROMO SINGLE – Never Released
Design The Skyline – Nevaeh – SEALED
Dillinger Escape Plan – Ire Works – SEALED
Dream Theater – A Dramatic Turn Of Events
Drowning Pool – Full Circle SEALED
Drowning Pool – Enemy – PROMO SINGLE – Never Released
Enter Shakari – Common Dreads
Eighties Matchbox B Line Disaster – Psychosis Safari SINGLE
Eighties Matchbox B Line Disaster – Horse Of The Dog
Keith Emerson Band feta Marc Bonilla – Moscow
Evile – Infected Nations 2CD – SEALED – included Patch
Evocation – Apocalyptic
Facebreaker – Infected
Faker – The Familiar/Enough EP – DIGIPAK
Falconer – Armod
Farewell To Freeway – Filthy Habits
Filter – The Trouble With Angels – DIGIPAK
Five For Fighting – America Town
Foreigner – Cant Slow Down
Foreigner – Cant Slow Down – When Its Live – 2CD DIGIPACK
Fozzy – Chasing The Grail
Fueled By Fire – Plunging Into Darkness
Gamma Ray – Skeletons & Majesties – DIGIPAK
Gamma Ray – To The Metal – CD + DVD DIGIPAK
Gamma Ray – Land Of The Free II – SEALED
Giles, Thomas – Pulse
Glorior Belli – The Great Southern Darkness
Gregorian – Best Of 1990 – 2010
Gwar – Blood Pit Of Horror – DIGIPAK
Harcourt, Ed – Strangers – DIGIPAK
Halfmast – Death Of Ignorance
Hate Eternal – Phoenix Amongst The Ashes – DIGIPAK
Hawthorne Heights – Midwesterners, The Hits – SEALED
Helloween – Gambling With The Devil – SEALED
JP, Chissie (Hynde) & The Fairground Boys – Fidelity – DIGIPAK
I Am Abomination – To Our Forefathers – SEALED
Iced Earth – Setian Massacre/Ten Thousand Strong – PROMO SINGLE
Ignite The Ibex – Self Titled DIGIPAK
in-Cyde – The Slaugherhouse Diaires
Indica – Precious Dark – SINGLE
Indica – A Way Away Ltd Ed CD+DVD Deluxe DIGIPAK – SEALED
Ink – Black Water Reign
Inxs – Listen Like Thieves
Intensus – Self Titled
Institute – Distort Yourself (feat Gavin Rossdale of Bush)
Ipsissimus – The Way Of Descent
Don Jamieson – Live And Hilarious
JJ72 – I To Sky
JJ72 – Self Titled
King OF Asgard – Fi’Imbulvntr
Lostboy – AKA Jim Kerr (Simple Minds) – DIGIPAK
Lazarus AD – Black Rivers Flow
Legion Of The Damned – Cult Of The Dead
Lightning Swords Of Death – The Extra Dimensional Wound DIGIPAK
Magic Numbers, The – Forever Lost DVD SINGLE
Magic Numbers, The – Self Titled – DIGIPAK
Make Them Suffer – Lord Of Woe
Marillion – Live From Cadogan Hall 2CD
Malefice – Awaken The Tides
Manic Street Preachers – Found That Soul – PROMO SINGLE NEVER RELEASED
Martyr – Circle Of Eight
Metallica – Saint/Anger 2CD Promo NEVER RELEASED (Best Of)
McCartney, Paul – Chaos And Creation In The Backyard INTERVIEW DISC
Melody Black – Love Your Demons – DIGIPAK
Morbid Angel – Illud Divinum Insanus – SEALED
Mortal Sin – Psychology Of Death SEALED
Motorhead – 4 Track PROMO SAMPLER for Motorizer
Moore, Steve – The Henge
Mudvayne – Lost And Found – SIGNED BY ALL BAND
My Dying Bride – Evinta – 2CD LIMITED EDITION SEALED
Nazareth – Big Dogz 2CD DIGIPAK
New Noise Attack 21 – Earache Records Sampler SEALED
Night In Gales – Nailwork
Noctem – Oblivion
Nonpoint – Miracle SIGNED
Ocean, The – Heliocentric DIGIPAK
Ocean, The – Anthropocentric DIGIPAK
Oceansize – Frames Deluxe Edition CD + DVD SEALED (Promo)
Pearl (Aday) Little Immaculate Whte Fox DIGIPAK
Pentagram – Last Rites DIGIPAK
Phair, Liz – Somebody’s Miracle ADVANCE PROMO CD+DVD
Pig Destroyer – Natasha DIGIPAK
Poor, The – Round 1 DIGIPAK SEALED
Poor, The Round 2 DIGIPAK
Powerwolf – Blood Of The Saints
Primordial – Redemption At The Puritans Hand – DIGIPAK
Primordial – Storm Before Calm REISSUE
Primordial – Imrama – REISSUE 2CD
Pushking – The World As We Love It – DIGIPAK
Razorlight – Up All Night
Resist The Thought – The Gift Of Sacrifice
Return To Earth – Automata
Reverend Bizarre – Death Is Glory Now – DIGIPAK
Rise To Remain – Bridges Will Burn EP
Rival Sons – Pressure And Time SINGLE SEALED
Rolling Stones, The – A Bigger Bang
Rose Funeral – Gates Of Punishment
Rossi, Francis (Status Quo) Live As St Luke’s London
Scissor Sisters – Self Titled Debut w/ BONUS TRACKS
Segression – Never Dead
Seven Mary Three – American Standard
Shiahd – Alive EP
Shining, The – True Skies
Sigur Ros – Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do – DIGIPAK
Sister – Hated
67 Special – Hey There Bomb
Six Feet Under – Graveyard Classics II DIGIPAK
Skyforger – Kurbads – DIGIPAK
Sleepwalker – Living Dead
Smoke On The Water – The Metropolis Sessions CD + DVD DIGIPAK
Soundwave 2009 Compilation 2CD
Sonic Syndicate – My Own Life PROMO SINGLE DIGIPAK
Son Of Aurelius – The Farthest Reaches SEALED
Status Quo – In The Army Now 2010 – DIGIPAK
Stabbing Westward – Darkest Days
Stratovarius – Elysium
Stratovarius – Polaris
Symfonia – In Paradisum
Symphony X – Paradise Lost 5.1 Edition w DVD – DIGIPAK SEALED
Taberah – The Light Of Which I Dream
Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving – Deaden The Fields DIGIPAK SEALED
3 – The Ghost You Gave To Me
Tramp, Mike (White Lion) Stand Your Ground
Tremors, The – Cash Up Front No Kissing
Torn Asunder – The Catacomb Silence
Unwritten Law – Elva
Uriah Heep – Celebration – Forty Years Of Rock 2CD DIGIPAK
Victorian Halls – Charlatan – SEALED
Vomitory – Opus Mortis VIII
Vissi, Anna Kraygi – 2CD SEALED
Voyager – I Am The Revolution
We Are The Emergency – Whispers And Fragments
Whitechapel – A New Era Of Corruption DIGIPAK
Within Temptation – The Unforgiving
With Honor – This Is Our Revenge
Zebrahead – Broadcast To The World SEALED
Accept – Teutonic Terror 1 Track PROMO
Aeon – Path Of Fire – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Aeternam – Disciples Of The Unseen FULL ALBUM PROMO
Alestorm – Black Sails At Midnight FULL ALBUM PROMO
All Ends – Generation Disgrace/Nobody’s Story 2 Track PROMO
All Ends – A Road To Depression FULL ALBUM PROMO
Amorphis – Silent Waters FULL ALBUM PROMO
Amorphis – Skyforger FULL ALBUM PROMO
Anima – Enter The Killzone – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Arthemesia – a.O.a FULL ALBUM PROMO
Archaic – The Time Has Come To Envy The Dead FULL ALBUM PROMO
Arckanum – Helvitismyrkr – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Arkona – Goi, Rode, Goi FULL ALBUM PROMO
Arkona – Vo Slavu Velikim – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Atheist – Jupiter – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Avantasia (Tobias from Edguy) Dying For An Angel 1 TRACK PROMO
Ava Inferi – Onyx – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Barnburner – Bangers – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Bereaved, The – Daylight Deception – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Bison B.C – Dark Ages FULL ALBUM PROMO
Black Dahlia Murder – Deflorate  FULL ALBUM PROMO
Black River – Black N Roll FULL ALBUM PROMO
Blut Aus Nord – Sect(s) FULL ALBUM PROMO
Bullet For My Valentine – Scream Aim Fire PROMO SINGLE
Captain Murphy – Human Cannonball FULL ALBUM PROMO
Casino Steel – There Is A Tear In My Beer FULL ALBUM PROMO
Coldworker – The Contaminated Void – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Corporation 187 – Newcomers Of Sin – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Cradle Of Filth – Babalon AD – PROMO SINGLE
Danko Jones – Code Of The Road PROMO SINGLE
Danko Jones – Below The Belt FULL ALBUM PROMO
Danko Jones – I Think Bad Thoughts PROMO SINGLE
Dear Superstar – Heartless – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Defiled – In Crisis – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Def Leppard – Mirrorball – 2CD/DVD FULL PROMO
Dillinger Escape Plan – Option Paralysis FULL ALBUM PROM
Dimmu Borgir – Dimmu Borgir PROMO SINGLE
Dimmu Borgir – Gateways PROMO SINGLE
Dr Midnight & The Mercy Cult (Feat FVH from Turbo Negro) FULL ALBUM PROMO
Doro – Breaking The Law – PROMO SINGLE
Drudkh – Handful Of Stars – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Edguy – Ministry Of Saints – PROMO SINGLE
Eleventh Hour – Burden Of Grief – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Elis – Catharsis – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Elitist – Fear In A Handful Of Dust FULL ALBUM PROMO
Eluveitie – Everything Remains As It Never Was FULL ALBUM PROMO
Eluveitie – Omnos – PROMO SINGLE
Eluveitie – Evocation I – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Entwine – Painstained – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Epica – Unleashed – PROMO SINGLE
Eternal Gray – Your Gods, My Enemies – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Equilibrium – Die Affeninsel – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Evergreen Terrace – Almost Home FULL ALBUM PROMO
Evile – Five Serpents Teeth – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Eyefear – A World Full Of Grey – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Fake Moss – White And TV PROMO SINGLE
Fake Moss – She’s Smashing The Room PROMO SINGLE
Fairyland – Score To A New Beginning FULL ALBUM PROMO
Fleshwrought (feat JFAC members) Dementia – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Flowing Tears – Thy Kingdom Gone FULL ALBUM PROMO
Generation Kill – Red White And Blood FULL ALBUM PROMO
Glittertind – Landkjenning FULL ALBUM PROMO
God Dethroned – The Toxic Touch – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Gorgoroth – True Norwegian Black Metal LIVE FULL ALBUM PROMO
Hammerfall – Any Means Necessary PROMO SINGLE
Hail Of Bullets – On Divine Winds FULL ALBUM PROMO
Hardcore Superstar – Dreaming In A Casket 2CD FULL ALBUM PROMO
Helloween – Gambling With The Devil FULL ALBUM PROMO
Iced Earth – The Crucible Of Man FULL ALBUM PROMO
In Flames – Alias PROMO SINGLE
Indica – In Passing DVD VIDEO CLIP
Istapp – Blekinge FULL ALBUM PROMO
Jungle Rot – What Horrors Await FULL ALBUM PROMO
Klone – Black Days FULL ALBUM PROMO
Korpiklaani – Vodka – PROMO SINGLE
Korpiklaani – Ukon Wacka – PROMO SINGLE
Kylesa – Spiral Shadow – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Leaves Eyes – Njord FULL ALBUM PROMO
Liquido – Gameboy PROMO SINGLE
Magnum – Into The Valley Of The Moonking FULL ALBUM PROMO
Mantic Ritual – Executioner FULL ALBUM PROMO
Marilyn Manson – Personal Jesus PROMO SINGLE
Marshal Law – Razorhead FULL ALBUM PROMO
Maryslim – The Corrosion PROMO SINGLE
Masterstroke – Sleep FULL ALBUM PROMO
Municipal Waste – 3 Track PROMO SAMPLER
My Dying Bride – Excerpt From Evinta PROMO
Nashville Pussy – From Hell To Texas FULL ALBUM PROMO
Nightwish – Bye Bye Beautiful PROMO SINGLE
Nunfuckritual – In Bondage To The Serpent – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Nuclear Blast 10 Track Sampler 2010 PROMO
Neaera – Forging The Eclipse – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Negligence – Coordinates Of Confusion – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Nightfall – Astron Black And The 30 Tyrants – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Ocean, The – Fluxion FULL ALBUM PROMO
October Tide – Rain Without End – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Ohgr (from Skinny Puppy) Dimd FULL ALBUM PROMO
Old Silver Key – Tales Of Wanderings FULL ALBUM PROMO
Order Of Ennead (feat Steve from Deicide) An Examination ALBUM PROMO
Axel Rudi Pell – Diamonds Unlocked FULL ALBUM PROMO
Primordial – Journey’s End – 2CD FULL ALBUM PROMO
Project Hate MCMXCIX – Bleeding The New Apocalypse – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Project Hate MCMXCIX – The Lustrate Process – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Puritan, The – Lithium Gates FULL ALBUM PROMO
Rammstein – Mein Teil PROMO SINGLE
Raven – Walk Through Fire FULL ALBUM PROMO
Red Chord, The – Fed Through The Teeth Machine – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Ride The Sky – New Protection – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Rise To Remain – Bridges Will Burn EP
Saltatio Mortis – Wer Wind Saet FULL ALBUM PROMO
Saturday Night Evil – Deathlike Silence FULL ALBUM PROMO
Scar Symmetry – Noumenon And Phenomenon PROMO SINGLE
Sear Bliss – Glory And Perdition FULL ALBUM PROMO
Sepultura – A-Lex FULL ALBUM PROMO
Serpentcult – Weight Of Light FULL ALBUM PROMO
Severe Torture – Slaughtered FULL ALBUM PROMO
Siegfried – Nibelung FULL ALBUM PROMO
Silent Stream Of Godless Energy – Navaz FULL ALBUM PROMO
Sin Of Kain – The End – FULL ALBUM PROMO
69 Eyes, The – Dead Girls Are Easy – PROMO SINGLE
69 Eyes, The – Kiss Me Undead PROMO SINGLE
Smashing Pumpkins – Teargarden By Kaleidyscope Vol 1 SEALED PROMO
Solstafir – Kold FULL ALBUM PROMO
Solstafir – Svartir Sandar 2CD FULL ALBUM PROMO
Sonarta Arctica – Flag In The Ground PROMO SINGLE
Sonic Syndicate – Turn It Up PROMO SINGLE
Sonic Syndicate – Revolution Baby PROMO SINGLE
Sonic Syndicate – Burn This City PROMO SINGLE
Sound Ex, The – Palomino FULL ALBUM PROMO
Sons Of Seasons – Gods Of Vermin FULL ALBUM PROMO
Spocks Beard – Self Titled – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Swashbuckle – Back To The Noose FULL ALBUM PROMO
Svbway To Sally – Auf Kiel PROMO SINGLE
Threat Signal – Through My Eyes PROMO SINGLE
3 – Revisions – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Therion – The Miskolc Experience FULL ALBUM PROMO
Tiamat – The Temple Of The Crescent Moon PROMO SINGLE
Total Terror – Self Titled – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Trail Of Tears – Bloodstained Endurance FULL ALBUM PROMO
Tsjuder – Legion Helevete FULL ALBUM PROMO
27 – Holding On For Brighter Days FULL ALBUM PROMO
Tyr – By The Light Of The Northern Star FULL ALBUM PROMO
Valkyria – Invocation Demise FULL ALBUM PROMO
Viking Skull – Doom, Gloom, Heartache & Whiskey – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Warwick, Ricky – Belfast Confetti FULL ALBUM PROMO
We Came As Romans – Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be FULL ALBUM PROMO
White Wizzard – High Speed GTO FULL ALBUM PROMO
Witchsorrow – Self Titled FULL ALBUM PROMO
Woe Of Tyrants – Threnody – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Yes – Fly From Here – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Zebrahead – Phoenix FULL ALBUM PROMO
Kate Bush – King Of The Mountain PROMO SINGLE
Kate Bush – Aerial FULL ALBUM PROMO
Beastie Boys – EPK 2004
Clare Bowditch – On This Side PROMO SINGLE
Coldplay – Fix You PROMO SINGLE
Dandy Warhols – All The Money Or The Simple Life Honey PROMO SINGLE
Doves – Some Cities – FULL ALBUM PROMO
Gorillaz – Dirty Harry PROMO SINGLE
He Will Have His Way  – The Songs Of tim & Neil Finn FULL ALBUM PROMO
Live 8 – 6 track DVD Sampler U2, Madonna, Coldplay, Green Day, Robbie Williams
Living End, The – Whats On Your Radio PROMO SINGLE
Robbie Williams – Tripping PROMO SINGLE
Robbie Williams – Advertising Space PROMO SINGLE
Sigur Ros – Takk
Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla
TSHIRTS – Sizes on each listing – Most XL and 2XL
Anarion Long Sleeve
Black Asylum
Barcode – Showdown
Black Label Society – LOGO
Black Label Society – Mafia
Children Of Bodom – Tokyo Warhearts
A Day To Remember – What Separates Me From You PROMO
Dark Funeral Long Sleeve Regain Promo
Deicide – Promo
Dj Green Lantern
Doves – Some Cities
Drowning Pool – Sinner
Dr Acula PROMO
Dungeon 2005 Tour
Farewell To Freeway
Fozzy – Born Of Anger
Fozzy – Australian Tour 05
Fozzy – We Are Huge Rockstars
Gamma Ray
Halford – Resurrection
Halford – Metalgod
Hammerfall – Renegade
Hammerfall – Legacy Of Kings
Hammerfall – Masterpieces
Immortal – Sons Of Northern Darkness
Indie Recordings – Norway Black Metal
Indie Recordings – Norway Black Metal
Iron Maiden – Dance Of Death
Jungle Rot
Korn Logo
Long Way Down (Charley & Ewan) PROMO
Manowar – Hell On Stage
Mercyful Fate – LONG SLEEVE
Metallica – MetClub 2004
Metallica – Frayed Ends Of Sydney Club Shirt
Metallica – St Anger Promo
Metallica – St Anger Day LONG SLEEVE
MTV Logo
Nuclear Blast 20 Years – Summer Campaign
Nuclear Blast Large Logo
Nuclear Blast Small Logo
Opeth – Australian Tour Tshirt 2004
Overkill – Australian Fan Club Shirt
Paindivision – Kuckledusters
Paindivision – Pain Crew
Posehn (Brian)
Rebel FM For Those About To Rock
Rebel FM For Those About To Rock
S.O. D – Appetite For Destruction Mock up
S.O. D – Number Of The Beast Mock up – LONG SLEEVE
Sinergy – To Hell And Back LONG SLEEVE
Spitfire Records – LONG SLEEVE
TUDW 2004 – The Ultimate Drummers Weekend
Threat Signal – Logo
Warriros, The – LONG SLEEVE
Williams, Robbie
Emmure – Speaker Of The Dead WHITE
Guns N Roses – Logo GREY
Metallica S&M  GREY
Metallica Soccer Shirt WHITE
Nuclear Blast Soccer Campaign 2006 YELLOW
Simpsons, The H.O.M.E.R – BLUE
Sonic Syndicate – Only Inhuman WHITE
Swashbuckle – LOGO WHITE
Dimmu Borgir – LOGO – HOODIE
Hammerfall – Legacy Of Kings – HOODIE



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