The Entrepreneur’s Haiku

The entrepreneur’s haiku is a rallying cry to the nature of entrepreneurial work. It’s hard. It’s supposed to be hard. But you are not alone.

Difficult questions
Lead to realisations
Face them. Think. Prepare.

The mountain is big.
Climbing it takes persistence;
Don’t neglect yourself.

Inside yourself, see
How your persistence pays off,
And go go go go

Because sometimes it’s
What you don’t see that you need
Learn what, how, to see.

You must back yourself
Because nobody else will.
Dream it. Back it. Live.

People sabotage
Without realising they do
It’s hard – avoid – fail.

Your difference is
You are willing to face it.
Do what you need to.

Most people tend to
Avoid what’s hard for them, and
Dream without action.

You take action. Smile
In the face of what is hard.
You know your mountain.

You can’t see the climb,
But you climb it anyway
And that is power.

Entrepreneur, see
The spirit in what you are doing
Alone. Not alone.

Others are out there
On their own arduous treks
They feel your pain, too.

A single journey
Is rarely single effort
Stand. Don’t be afraid.

It is meant to be
Hard. Perseverence, too, is
Hard. Accept it. Smile.

Know your sabotage
Be intimate with your gaps
Work. Live. Breathe. Dream. Gain.

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