Upside Down, Upside Down

If you were to realise that the entire world is actually upside down, how would it change how you live tomorrow?

What would you differently tomorrow if you understood that the entire world is actually upside-down?

In our upside-down personal world, we see material possessions, multi-tasking, distraction, money, beauty and various types of freedom; yet the most important things are focus, selfhood, compassion, and happiness.

In our upside-down online world, we see people being against everything, fighting with each other, being negative, and stridently shouting into the void; yet those with the greatest trust teach us how to be inclusive, how to stay on the right side of the tracks, and say things others want to hear.

In our upside-down education world, we learn a timeframe of ‘work’, get taught a lot of things of limited usefulness, get trained to go to university to ‘get a job’; yet the most important thing about education is to learn to think.

In our upside-down business world, we see expansion, growth, more networks, more contacts, more services, more revenue; yet the most important things are artistry, relationships, trust, and profit.

Every founder says that the most important thing that drives his or her business has been self-mastery. Every self-help (substitute self-help for money, growth, spirit, mindfulness, abundance, business, how-to) book encourages you to look within, to deal with your limitations, to let go of the past, to be here right now, to stop agonising about what you can’t control.

The challenge is living inside your world as it is. Upside-down. Finding value in your connections instead of always striving for new ones. Being happy with what you’ve got instead of buying new things. Spending time with yourself to make you happy, instead of online or with others every moment of the day.

And even when we aren’t thinking metaphorically, you actually do see the world as it is (upside-down), but your brain tells you it’s this way up.

Knowing all of this, what would you change tomorrow to live in the world as it is?


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