Why on earth talk into a recorder while you walk?

This is a short little post. I’m writing it minutes after rinsing off the sweat of my evening walk.

I started walking every day. And I take only two things with me: My mobile phone (because it tracks my exercise) and my very-fabulous-would-marry-it-if-could Sony digital recorder.

The reason is because one of my favourite gurus has advocated walking and talking as a way of creating valuable content, instead of (or in addition to) listening to audiobooks etc.

So it was that I began taking the digital recorder with me.

I didn’t use it. Not for ages.

When I did, I was self-conscious. Not the kind of self-conscious that sees absurd people shouting into mobile phones because they want the world to hear. Oh, no. This is the mumbling-into-the-device kind of self-conscious, because dictaphones still look odd, even in a world where everyone else is recording selfie videos while they walk.

But then I cracked the seal by capturing a couple of notes to myself.

Notes turned into ideas.

Ideas turned into full-blown content.

Full-blown content turned into multiple pieces recorded within half an hour.

As a writer and visually dominant person, recording acceptable on-the-fly audio is harder for me than crafting words that I can see. I figure it’s just a skill, and like the muscles attached to other skills, it will only get stronger.

Time will tell.

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